You may remember our Behind the Scenes Feature this Summer that put a spotlight on some of the animals that have been with us a while. Their long stay was either due to being overlooked or having additional support needs to help them to recover from illness, injury or disease. We thought our supporters would like to know what happened to everyone, but I warn you now, it isn’t all happy ever afters.

Zula is probably the most inevitable outcome of all. Yes, you guessed it, her foster mum (one of just two animal staff we employ at the branch) adopted her. In her heart Michelle knew from day one that Zula was never going to leave. This young lady had had it rough and was so traumatised and so the chances of a home ever coming forward was slim, if not zero. In Michelle’s care Zula has blossomed so much that after 5 months of being in her foster care Zula was finally confident enough to go out to play. Although her first trip out resulted in a day-long absence, much to everyone’s relief she came back for her tea! This is a very happy outcome, but maybe not for Michelle’s bank balance!
Zula who was rehomed by one of our animal staff

Herman had endured equal trauma after being dumped outdoors on the hottest day of the year in a pet carrier. He was soaked to the skin in his own urine and genuinely petrified. In his first foster home he received supportive care whilst undergoing vet treatment. Once this was complete he moved into a foster home with a single lad, so he could develop a strong attachment and learn to trust humans. The pair of them bonded so strongly that when the foster mum’s rented property was sold with little warning she was devastated to have to give Herman up. From here Herman went into his third foster home, and all the hard work of his previous foster mum’s came to fruition and he absolutely blossomed.
Herman was adopted by his foster mum

Alas a forever home remained elusive and by this time Herman had been with us 15 weeks. But one day I got a text from his second foster mum to say she had found pet-friendly rented accommodation and could she adopt Herman. The elation this caused us all is indescribable and two later I took great pleasure in delivering him to his new home. Within hour of arrival Herman was snuggled up on the sofa with his mum. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Randall’s update is not one that we can dwell on for too long because of the upset it still elicits in us all. Out of all the hundreds of animals we have helped this year he will be the one we will remember the most from 2015. Randall was an amazing animal. He stole our hearts and gave us so much joy and happiness but unfortunately his multiple health conditions deteriorated. We consulted with a specialist in the hope of finding some way forward, but this was soon shattered. We were advised to let him go. Many tears were shed. We lost this fight but his memory will live on in our hearts.
Sadly it wasn’t a happy ending for our lovely Randall

Mara you may remember is our longest stay animal. She’s been with us 1 year and 3 months. Mara is such an odd bod, but hardly her fault given her parentage (one half domestic rabbit and one half wild rabbit). But finally we have some hope for her. She has the offer a wonderful outdoor life with a husbun in the Peak District. The tricky bit is to see if the two bunnies can get along. She’ll be leaving us shortly for a 6 week trial, so please keep everything crossed.
Mara will be leaving for bonding with a potential bunny boyfriend!

Of course I have left the best until last – Stanley. He found a home despite his terrible injuries and this is what his new family have to say about him:
Stanley was adopted!

“We are so keen to tell you how our lovely cat Stanley is getting on. When we read about Stanley on your blog, we were sure he was the cat for us. Our 9 year old son was so taken with him having met him that we couldn’t wait to pick him up.

Stanley became one of the family very quickly. He is very chatty and will meow not only for food, but also when he would like some cuddles. If you pick him up he will place his paws either side of your neck and purr very very loudly. He does like his food, and if he could he would investigate a wide range of cuisines from curry to jelly. So we have hadto be a bit careful about his table manners.

Stanley wearing this seasons must have scarf!

He was very keen to explore outside and he loves to have fun in the garden. He can watch the activity in the pond for hours and he loves to investigate the undergrowth. In the evening he will go for a little prowl and then pop back in for a cuddle on the sofa. When we return home he is often looking out of the window and then as we open the front door he will rush to greet us with a friendly meow.

He is a wonderful part of our family. Happy, joyful and very loving. When anyone meets him they say how friendliness and remark on what a handsome chap he is. We couldn’t be happier that he has joined our family.”

Stanley exploring his new territory!

Thank you to everyone who supports us, in every which way that you do. From donating cat food, sending us funny pictures, adopting an animal or simply saying well done, it really means an awful lot to us. Some weeks are dire and some weeks are filled with joy, but with you by our side we can keep up the good fight.