Many of our regular supporters and adopters will know that we don’t actually have an animal centre. We use private boarding and our foster mum’s and dad’s to look after all the animals in our care. However, that’s going to change this year as we are opening our very own animal centre in Salford!

The RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch is a small charity that has never had it’s own animal centre. In 2019 we are opening a small centre in a rented warehouse where we will be able to care for up to 24 cats, 32 rabbits and 8 small animals, which means we will no longer need to rent space for our animals from private businesses (we will still be using our brilliant foster carers.) For the first time ever we will be able to provide daily care to animals ourselves, have access to them at all times and be able to admit newly rescued animals 7 days a week.

We need your support more than ever to realise our dream which has been a decade in the making.

We have been lucky enough to have received a legacy which will fund the required building work and we are reusing equipment and supplies that we already have as much as possible. But there is still a lot that we need to purchase upfront. We are seeking donations to help us buy vital equipment we need to establish our new centre and make sure that the animals have as comfortable and enriching a stay with us as possible before finding their forever home.

Read all about it here and how you can help!

The Manchester & Salford Branch of the RSPCA is a separate charity from the National RSPCA and has been running since 1963. The charity is dedicated to improving the lives of animals rescued by the National RSPCA inspectorate, but being financially independent means we are entirely reliant upon local support to help fund this vital work. Each year we find new homes for between 400 and 500 cats, rabbits, small animals and reptiles. In 2018 we admitted the highest number of RSPCA inspectorate rescued animals in the North region and with your help we will be able to admit many more in the future.