We have had a great, if not hectic, couple of days.

The BBC North West News filmed Jo for much of the day on Friday, they even did a piece live from the cattery with Jo for the lunchtime news. But the best piece was the feature they aired at the teatime news. It was brilliant. I texted Jo afterwards to tell her how proud I was of her, and I wasn’t the only one who she was brilliant too.

And I have to confess to having been very giddy seeing our animals on TV. I was so excited. My husband mused that I’d not heard a word of the item as I was too busy cooing over all our fluffs. Mind you, I was sat there going – that’s Frankie, that’s Rupert, that’s Cloud – you get my drift. Yeah, I was very excited!

Today has been equally good because we did a collection in Sainsburys on Regent Road in Salford. Everyone was generous and many shoppers had seen us on the tv too and we raised, in 6 hours, just over 200 squid, which is fantastic if not painful as it really knackers your back after a while. I must say a thank you to Stephanie and Julie (two very dependable volunteers who always come through me when I do fundraising) they saved my sanity today, as it can be a very lonely job otherwise.

I am also absolutely delighted to tell you that Cloud the cat (one of the stars of the news item) has a reserve on him. Bozze the cat’s home visit has passed, and, if that wasn’t good enough, we have a reserve on our cat trio – Katy, Melissa & Max!!!

The last one I am especially chuffed about because the home has come about as a result of the Salford Advertiser running a piece for us about them being abandoned due to the recession (they also featured on the news). There was one really lovely lady who came forward and went to see them but then we never heard anything more from her. Well, it only turned out that she’d rung and left a message, but on a completely random answering machine ,so she called back a week later to learn about the error and so we are chuffed to bits that the cat family might finally have a new home, for life. Please keep everything crossed.

So now I am excited to go into the office on Monday morning in the hope that we will have a reserve on Ollie the puppy and maybe another cat or dog too? Yes, I know, I’m being greedy, but you just never know, do you?