This week’s ‘Happy Tails Tuesday’ features RSPCA rescue rabbits Florrie & Archie owned by volunteer Amy Martin.
I got Florrie 3 years ago from the RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch. Florrie is a beautiful mini lop.  I understand that she was found in a box with some other rabbits in Tatton Park on a very cold day. I saw her photo on the Manchester & Salford Branch website and fell in love with her. Florrie is content to be stretching out on the carpet and watching TV.

She is a house rabbit with a our back garden to freely hop about in. I noticed Florrie was lonely…she just had that look about her. So I got Archie who is a lovely white lion head cross from the branch. Archie was found in a house in Manchester with several other rabbits allowed to roam the streets and multiply at will. Archie is street smart and has bags of personality!  I thought Florrie would just love him! It was 2 weeks before Florrie stopped trying to attack him.
With very careful supervised time together after a month both rabbits were tolerating each other and after quite some time Archie and Florrie are the best of friends! I am always amazed and in awe at times over the personality a rabbit can show! Facial expressions and body language are all I have to go on but I can tell you that these are very intelligent animals with feelings and passions like humans.  I will always thank the branch for allowing me the privilege to have Archie and Florrie.
Happily bonded after patience and hardwork!
Next week will feature Zak the dog….