February has kept us our toes with 47 new arrivals: 22 rabbits, 11 cats, 12 guinea pigs and 2 hamsters.

Whilst 46 animals found new homes: 20 cats, 13 rabbits, 9 guinea pigs, 2 hamsters and 2 rats.

Helping the most needy animals

Zelda the rabbit was one of the lucky ones this month. She was a ‘hard to home’ rabbit because of her past ill treatment leaving her frightened of people. But she well and truly landed on her paws when she was offered a special home by a rabbit enthusiast! It was love at first sight when her new owner met her and Zelda has been growing in confidence ever since. We truly appreciate all our adopters but people who take a chance on particularly damaged animals like Zelda really are our heroes! Not only is Zelda’s adopter giving her a second chance but they have also freed up a pen that can now be used to take in another needy bun.

Heroic hammy!

Little dwarf hamster Scooter was found by builders after tenants had moved out and left her behind. She had been free-roaming and fending for herself for over a week. The decision to ‘uncage’ her is probably what saved Scooter from starving to death. She is now found a new home and is already a much loved family companion. How adorable are her tiny paws?!

Kitten hitches a ride

Poor Emerson was so frightened when he was found and moved into our care that he hid for several days.

A very scared Emerson when he was first rescued.

He was is a terrible state and needed multiple baths to remove oil from his coat. It is thought he hitched a ride under the bonnet of a car, presumably he had climbed up there to keep warm. We have no idea as to his history; whether he was born to a stray or feral cat, but he absolutely adored cuddles. This timid boy gained in confidence thanks to sharing a pen with other kittens in our care. Emerson loved cat company so much that we searched for a new home with a ‘big brother’ to look after him. He is now settled in his wonderful forever home and is very well loved.

Emmerson when he arrived
Transformed thanks to lots of TLC in our care!

Bunny lumps and bumps!

When National RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Heather received the job to collect a stray bunny in Darwin with a facial swelling she got straight on the phone to us. We were pretty sure he had been abandoned because of his obvious facial condition. We arranged for him to be taken straight to a specialist exotic vet for assessment. We feared the worst: a tooth root abscess, but the mass was a result of a malfunctioning salivary duct. He is now in foster with our branch manager to see if his condition improves. His name is Albert and is proving to be a darling!

BIG SHOUT OUT to Salford Pets at Home!

The store kindly hosted our free cat microchipping event on Sunday 23rd February. A whopping 52 cats were chipped on the day by our branch manager. She said, “The turn out was truly unexpected and I was so grateful for the patience of all the attendees and for the support of the store colleagues and volunteers.”

Dogs must be chipped by law but this isn’t the case for cats. We strongly recommend all cats are microchipped as stray cats and particularly those found injured often face not being able to be reunited with their owners despite our best efforts. All animals that come into RSPCA care are scanned for a chip and so long as the chip details are up to date we can quickly reunite missing moggies with their humans! Any future cat chipping events will be advertised on our website.

10 years of rehoming FIV+ moggies!

We have been rehoming FIV positive cats for nearly a decade! This month we admitted 4 FIV+ cats including Kipper (pic), Onslow, Shackleton and Hob Nob. They are no less loving and deserving than any other cat and have always been found as injured strays, abandoned by their owners and left to fed for themselves. FIV+ cats need indoor only homes with lots of space, thankfully we’ve had offers of homes Kipper, Onslow and Shackleton and only Hob Nob remains who was put up for adoption today!

You can read more about FIV+ cat care here.

Kipper in the cattery
Hunky Hob Nob chilling in our office and ready for a new start!

We continue our rabbit & piggy clinics throughout 2020

We offer free health checks, claw clips and microchips every 6 weeks at Salford Pets at Home. The next one is Saturday 28th March from 10.30 to 12.30. In February we saw 24 guinea pigs & 21 rabbits (+1 chipped).

Stray rabbits are a huge issue for animal welfare charities. It’s a common misconception that if a rabbit escapes then they will not survive. As the National RSPCA Animal Collection team can attest – this isn’t the case as they collect many stray rabbits every week. If your rabbit lives outdoors please take advantage of this brilliant offer, it takes a few minutes and means if your rabbit is collected as a stray you will be contacted. No appointments just turn up! Chipping can cost £20+ at a private vet and we will do it for FREE!