but I’m still sat at home. I’m not even washed or dressed yet, I’ve lost my mojo for the day ahead. To be fair I didn’t get home until 8.30pm last night and was in bed an hour later feeling cold and tired, so it’s hardly surprising I don’t feel like moving, especially after having to spend an hour and half each morning cleaning out the 16 furry bobtailed bunny buggars in the house. Oh, and btw, there are 7 babies, and they are all so beautiful. They have their fur now and some are beginning to open their eyes and we have a variety of stunning colours. And what’s even more remarkable is just how increasingly friendly and loving mummy bunny Hetty is being towards us.

It has been another bunny-themed week and we also had the crap start to the week I’d feared. Steve the cat was put to sleep on Monday, having not wee’d or poo’d in a week. He was having to have urine taken from his bladder via needle/syringe because manipulating the bladder was not promoting a response. I just didn’t feel this was fair on him and made the call to end his dilemma.

I’ll no doubt give you a full low down on the week in the next few days but I was just keen to share with you pictures of Prince in his new home. Well, out on a walk up Pendle Hill, but same difference! He is apparently being “as good as gold” in every aspect except Zara the cat, whom he wants to eat. Let’s hope they can work through it, hey.