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When Marilla came into our care she was in a pitiful state. She was underweight, half her fur had been pulled out (by other rabbits) and she had a young litter of 4 babies in tow. She was from a home of over 50+ rabbits who had just been left to free-roam together and the situation had got horribly out of control. There were so many newborns and lactating does all mixed up in the most awful living conditions. They were in 5 inches of their own filth, having been left to defecate wherever they went and with not enough food to go around. Marilla and her babies were the lucky ones. They were a close family who adored each other so they thrived once in our care. Now that Marilla has finished her duties and has been neutered she is ready to find a forever home home, ideally with a neutered male for company.

Marilla has a quiet personality. She enjoys company and will come to you once she has got to know you. She will sit for a while and enjoy a head stroke but still is a little timid, especially of sudden movements or loud noises. She loves timothy hay and hay cookies and a box to sit in! When her pen is cleaned out in the morning she loves going for a charge up and down the rabbit unit and having a good explore.

If you are a quiet home with time, patience and love to spare then please consider offering Marilla a home. She is looking to be a house bunny and is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you can offer her a home please email




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