Well, we’ve had the most crazy number of calls coming in about Ollie the pup today. We’ve stopped taking any more interest in him as we have someone going to see him on Saturday, and another one on reserve. It is all so upside down if you ask me. We have loads of gorgeous dogs that keep getting overlooked but a pedigree gets everyone swarming to them. I don’t mind really because the animals then don’t have to wait long in kennels, but its dogs like our Ben (pictured) that keep me awake at night from worry.
Ben is a darling, he is approx 7 years old and desperately stressed in kennels but we just have no foster homes for him. He is wet through under his chin through salivating and panting so much through stress – it is so sad and we feel so impotent.
Ben came into our care when his terminally ill owner became too ill to continue caring for him. He has been used to a happy, comfy life with company all day long and now he is the kennels through no fault of anyones.
Ben is an adorable, lovable character but he is also very vocal. But since we’ve had him we’ve not had one speck of interest in him. I’ll be so happy when he and big Charlie (scroll down to see him) find a home.
However, what has made me happy today is a seemingly serious enquiry about my two gorgeous foster kittens, a reserve on Jo’s two foster kittens and finding the most fantastic home for our fabulous dog Corky. His home visit was done by my mate Jo (another Jo) last night and she was just bowled over at how lovely and committed the people were. This morning I let the people know the good news and they were over the moon, to say the least. And, what was so nice was that I got a text from them a short while later thanking me once again for letting them have Corky – how amazing is that! I wish there were hundreds more homes out there for all our animals.
Well, tomorrow might bring some more good news though I have to say I have been censoring you all from lots of rubbish stuff of late – such as two of our rabbits being diagnosed with health problems, Mika the husky has come back into our care as she needs to be a working dog not a family dog, and little Monty the Yorkie went to the vets for a full work up yesterday – I don’t know the results of the blood tests yet cos I’ve not seen the animal staff but it is definitely looking like a behavioural problem and I just feel in despair about it all. We so need more foster homes for our dogs.
Any offers of help greatly received, as well as therapy! Call us on 0161 882 0680.