The first six months of 2016 seem to have passed by in whirlwind record time. We have had our busiest six months to date, admitting and rehoming a record number of animals for this period. 263 animals have come into our care and a lucky 244 have found new homes. We say lucky because the animals adopted from us go on to live pampered lives, filled with love and kindness, which is often a far cry from what they have come from.

Pictured: kitten Grant was born outdoors. He is gradually being socialised ready for
 rehoming along with his sister Josie

It is always so restorative to later hear from adopters. They tell us how their new companion has changed their lives, how they would never want to be without them or never imagined they could love an animal quite as much as they do. It is the success of rehoming the animals that spurs us on when days and weeks are distressingly tough. Sometimes we are more robust than others, depending on what, or rather who, has come through our doors. Our fantastically dedicated team of volunteers open their hearts to these vulnerable souls and together we seem to achieve so much with so little. 
Being part of the RS family is a pleasure and privilege and we always welcome new volunteers.

What do we currently need help with?

* Volunteers for our Urmston and Northern Quarter charity shops
* Foster carers for cats and kittens
* Dog owners to sign up for our Big Walkies in September or if you fancy volunteering on the day please get in touch! More detail at the end of this blog post.

If you fancy making a difference to animals lives please get in touch on: 0161 882 0680 (opt 4) or email


By Animal Supervisor Deborah Beats
13 year old Evie
It’s the height of kitten season and whilst we have a few tiny furry faces hiding out in foster homes, this year our spaces are being filled with golden oldies.
Having a soft spot for older cats I remember not so long ago moaning that we never have any in our care. It seemed like it was the young mums or adolescent males who got the short straw and needed to be rehomed. But with a recent influx of mature moggies being admitted, including two long stays that have not had a sniff of interest in, I can’t help wishing I’d kept my mouth shut. 
Two of our current long stay guests are Sweep (11) and Evie (13). They are affectionate, in good health and are easy to care for and yet they are continually overlooked. Both have been well loved in the past and have ended up in our care through no fault of their own.
Sweep came from a multi-cat household where the owner could no longer cope with the amount of animals in the property. He has been in foster care since April and despite being nothing but a sweet old gentleman we’ve had no offers of a home. 
Evie’s tale is very sad. After 13 years happy in her home, her owner passed away in February. It took her many weeks to settle into our care as she had never known anything other than her house and her one owner, but she is finally starting to trust us and is now a cute and curious character.  
Despite our best efforts people are still reluctant to even come and meet our more senior residents.

11 year old Sweep

Reasons range from issues with more frequent vet trips, higher insurance premiums and shorter life spans. However, with the current life expectancy of a cat around 20 years and the reassurance of a thorough veterinary health screen I feel our calm and loving golden oldies are still a good catch and are easier to care for than some of the boisterous youngsters we get through our doors! 
As more of our foster homes fill up with older cats, staying months at a time, we start to run out of space for new admissions and we are forced to say no to animals in need. So next time a friend or family member decides to adopt a cat make you sure you make the case for the oldies but goodies like Sweep and Evie.

Doggies and dog lovers, are you ready to forget the everyday walk? Walkies just got BIGGER, and you’re invited! Join us at BIG Walkies 2016 to sniff out more trees, have more fun, and find more reasons to slobber.
On your BIG day, enjoy a 5km of 3km sponsored walk, have a ball in our fun filled event village, and help provide a better life for animals in need. Ordinary walkies will never be the same.

Sunday 11th September
Clifton Country Park, M27 6NG

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