I have had just about the best news ever today….our longest stay dog of 1 year has got a home! “Oh happy days!”

Harley (pictured) is destined to live with a family in South Mcr following our fundraising day out at Chorlton Water Park. They went to meet him again at the kennels and thought he was smashing, so Jo is going to do the home visit asap and he will hopefully be on his way to a forever home very soon. I was so chuffed I got a bit choked and teary on the phone when the family called to reserve him and arrange the home visit. We love the guy and are keeping our paws crossed that everything works out ok.
“Oh happy days!”
When I rang the kennels to let them know the good news we got talking about our new admission, Axel. Oh, how terribly sad….he was in a home with 5 other dogs and elderly lady who couldn’t cope with them all and shut him away on his own in a room. She agreed to sign him over to one of the Inspectors and the poor lad has petrified ever since. He is only about 2 years old and it appears his fears maybe related to how he has been disciplined (if you get my drift). We’ve got him a DAP collar now to help soothe him but it could be a while before he settles, I mean, he was even having to be hand fed he was that freaked out. It’s so sad cos there’s so little you can do to make them feel better and reassure them. Although having said that, on the first night Gordon, who runs the kennels with his wife, spent an hour sat with him to try and make him feel better – aw.