Can you help us secure the future of 
nine orphaned baby bunnies this Easter?
One baby bunny being a little more greedy than the rest in their foster home!

Martha and her siblings were rescued by the National RSPCA field officers from a home where dozens of rabbits were being kept in small, dirty hutches, never fed hay and being allowed to breed out of control. Their mother was on her fourth litter, her previous litter, as with this one, had 11 babies! 

Tragically one baby was dead at the scene and a second died a few days later. To add to this terrible tragedy their mum was suffering with many health problems; we did the kindest thing we could do and put her out of her pain and distress. However, the nine tiny baby bunnies were sadly left motherless. It was heart-breaking to see, but thanks to an RSPCA foster carer and the tenacious Martha they are all thriving and getting up to baby bunny mischief. 

Lady and the Tramp moment for the babies!

The RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch is one of only three RSPCA branches in the North West region that takes in rabbits. In 2015 we took in 123 and rehomed the greatest amount out of all these branches, a total of 84. So far this year (up to end of February) we have admitted 35 and rehomed 20. The number of cases of rabbits in need is ever growing and the space to take them in diminishing, as the cost of rehoming rabbits is so high.

Before each animal is rehomed they are:

·     – Examined by a rabbit specialist vet

·     – Neutered

·     – Vaccinated

·     – Microchipped 

This is to ensure we reduce the number of unwanted rabbits*. The cost of doing this, along with boarding costs**, is between £310 and £345 depending on the sex of the rabbit. (This sum does not include associated staff costs.)

Bunny feeding circle!

We ask for an adoption fee of just £30 because the sheer numbers in shelters waiting for new homes is so high. £30 in no way covers the £310-£345 care costs per rabbit so we try to raise money through fundraising events and our four charity shops. Alas this is never enough so this Easter appeal is to ask for help with the rehoming costs of these orphaned babies. £1,000 will help to cover the food bills for the next 6 weeks whilst they are in foster care, until they can go up for adoption, and then the cost of ‘kitting them out’ for rehoming with vaccinations, microchipping and neutering costs in the future.

We don’t want to turn our backs on rabbits; there is nowhere else for them to go. So can you help us secure the future of Martha and her siblings and many more like her this year? What you can donate to pay for:

     £3 will pay for a microchip

     £5 buy a box leafy greens

     £8 bale of hay

     £15 will pay for a vaccination for protection against myxomatosis and rabbit hemorrhagic disease

     £25 will pay for a veterinary consultation

     £65 will pay for a male to be neutered

     £100 will pay for a female to be neutered

Our branch runs entirely on the kindness of your donations.
 To donate please click here!
Alternatively TEXT  to donate:
ORPH09 £1/2/3/4/5 or £10 to 70070
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Hamper can be posted to any UK address!

* Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund estimate there are 67,000 rabbits in UK shelters at any one time.

** Average length of stay for a rabbit in 2015 was 4 months.