Well, the Great British Curl Off is less than 3 weeks away, as well as several lovely supporters taking up the challenge 2 of our staff members have also decided to put their money (and hair) where their mouth is! Donate today!
Deborah, animal supervisor at RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch, explains why she is taking part in The Great British Curl Off to raise money for the RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch.

”So why the head shave, I hear you ask? Well I’ve been super brave over the past few years and have zip wired from the Imperial war museum, abseiled down Europe’s tallest brick built light house and last year almost bottled it over abseiling down the bell tower at the Trafford centre. I felt like all my bravery had been used up so what option did I have left but to make a fool of myself. Obviously I do this on a daily basis but it needed to be something quite shocking to raise as much money as possible for the animals, so a head shave seemed to be the obvious choice.

For the past few years my hair has been pretty short and I’ve even had a good half of my head shaved by choice, but losing my long blonde streak that sits proudly across the left side of my head will be painful. Not only does it keep my head warm but it also hides my many blemishes and general dirt that builds up throughout the day. I will be very sad to see it on the floor being swept away. But I love animals too much to be shallow, thinking about all the cute cats, kittens, rabbits and guinea pigs, oh not forgetting rats that need rehabilitating and rehoming by our RSPCA branch makes it all worthwhile. Plus I may look cool and New Age and not at all butch or ill, we shall find out on June the 4th. I’m just praying that there isn’t a giant birth mark or strange skin flap lying under my blonde baby hair!”

Susie, Branch Manager at RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch, explains why she is shaving off her locks. 
”When Deborah first came up with the idea of shaving our heads to raise money for the branch I instantly thought, I can do that. But then I spent the next three months thinking about it, after all, a fat, middle aged woman going bald is hardly an attractive proposition! But once I decided I was going to commit to it I thought I had better break the news to my husband. I needn’t have worried, he was ace. He was totally supportive from the moment the words came tumbling out of my mouth and has now decided to shave his long locks off too (they are past his shoulders).

Shaving my head has now become a bit of bucket list thing for me and even my best mate Julie has decided to join us and get the lot lopped off. For me this shows how much love there is for our charity and the animals we care for. Me, my husband and our Julie are all middle aged and really should know better, but what’s a bit of humiliation amongst friends, work colleagues, family, the wider public? Oh no, the stares, the gawps the pointing of fingers –what have I agreed to do! I’m seriously going to need an audience on the day to make sure I go through with this challenge, so we have a special event taking place for our volunteers, staff and supporters to watch us go through with it.

The Fire and Ice challenge I did for the branch in 2014 saw me pretty much reduced to tears as I had to face walking on broken glass, the hot coals not so much, but the glass saw me reduced to a wobbly mess. Shaving my head hair off maybe lunacy, and I may very well live to regret it, but if we raise plenty of money for the animals it will be worth have a sunburnt bonce for summer.”

Please dig deep and donate. 
Deborah, Susie and all our participants need the encouragement to go through with this one! 
You can do this by either sending a text to:
BALD02 £1/2/3/4/5 or £10 to 70070 
or visit the Just Giving site here

 This is what the outcome is likely to be!