It feels like it has been a quiet week but on reflection it just seems that way in comparison to last week’s frenzy of activity with the large rabbit case. In reality we have had 15 new admissions, but because they have trickled in over the course of the week it hasn’t been so full-on compared to previous weeks.

First to arrive on Monday at 9pm at night were a mum and her five kittens. They were found next to a police station in Liverpool. It was difficult to say for certain if they were abandoned or born stray but the kittens have had minimal, if any, contact with people and mum is very uncertain about everything. One minute she is headbutting and enjoying a stroke and the next minute hissing at us. We’ve discovered no gender preference in staff but we do have to make sure we don’t smell of other cats, so we get changed into clean scrubs before socialising with them all. Remarkably all the kittens are eating independently, which would suggest they have come from a home environment. Because they are eating by themselves and not reliant on mum we are going to separate them into two groups and put them into foster homes so we can make sure we bring them round whilst they are in the ‘critical period’ for socialising and habituate them to domestic life – it’s a challenge that is hugely rewarding.

Wednesday brought us Timmy and Rosie on transfer from another branch. They had been in a private boarding cattery for two months, unable to be rehomed because the owners of the cattery were shielding. They had come from the same home but in the confines of a cattery pen Timmy was said to be bullying Rosie. We had intended to house them in a separate foster home but due to a last minute problem we ended up trying them in the same foster home. Low and behold they instantly united with one another and have been inseparable ever since! It is still early days but we are hopeful that the pair will remain firm friends and can find a forever home together.

Timmy & Rosie

Biscoff arrived on Thursday. Apparently she had been found by a member of the public and taken to the National RSPCA vets. The poor girl has a severe case of flea allergy related dermatitis. She had become so infested that her skin is just covered in scabs and her fur shortened due to long term scratching and itching. It is really distressing to see and feel her, but she is the most delightful, loving cat you will ever meet. She showers her foster carers with affection, she is so happy to be in a home and just spends her time sitting on the bed waiting for a visit! Her favourite place to be is laid along their shoulders like a stole! But just to add to the cuteness she likes to lie there with her paw held in their hand, like holding hands. It’s going to be a while until she is fully healed but this girl is going to make the best companion animal.


Friday introduced three ratties who had been abandoned in their cage in an alleyway. The cage was in a disgusting state, the bars all tacky and sticky from months of urine build up. The finders kindly cleaned them out and the photos are of them on arrival. Please don’t worry, we don’t house rats on sawdust or in wire floored cages, what you see in the pictures is how they arrived. The rats all have mites and have been treated, so hopefully they will feel more comfortable soon and make use of the cosy bedding we have provided. They are enjoying all their food, but it may be a while before they find their confidence. It seems like they have just been left in the cage and lived a solitary and unstimulating life.

Saturday we came to the help of a cat and a guinea pig from the same home. Their owner was sadly unwell and was admitted to hospital (not COVID-19 related). We don’t know yet if they are be temporary residents or if they will end up staying to be rehomed. The piggy has an infestation of lice so we started treatment straight away.

Sunday delivered us a bald tabby beauty queen. She was found stray and heavily matted and was trapped by a field officer and taken to the RSPCA vets for a dematting, but of course she couldn’t be released back on site because she would only get in the same state again. So she has come to us to learn the ‘pleasure’ of being groomed before we release her for rehoming. The video was taken by her foster carers on arrival, isn’t she beautiful!

A steady trickle each day has meant we’ve been able to ‘enjoy’ the week. We got to see our FIV positive cat Englebert Humperstink make ‘pet of the day’ on Ashleigh Vets social media pages. He is going to make the most amazing companion animal once he stops boy-whiffing (he was an entire male), so hopefully in a couple of weeks time we will be able to release him for rehoming.

Amongst a number of adoptions we got to see Sky, the 8 year old cat, go to her forever home after she received a flood of offers of homes, no doubt thanks to her gorgeous photos of her sunbathing belly-up! She settled into her new home instantly and after an explore around the house she went belly up, so I think we can safely say she approved.

Sky in her new home!

Sadly our large group of rabbits diminished further with the loss of more babies. The ones that have passed away this week have been ‘runts’ and not thrived as well as their other litter mates. We remain concerned about two more, who are just not weight gaining. They are bright and eating and playing but as the days go on and they don’t get bigger it seems like their fate is out of our hands. But, this little group is doing brilliantly and demolish their greens like good little bunnies.

If you’d like to donate to our baby bunnies you can via or Amazon wishlist!

To end on a happy note. You may remember the kittens that were born through emergency c-section a few weeks ago. Sadly the smallest didn’t survive the first week, but the other 3 are now up and about and exploring. Their foster mum captured this beautiful video of the family. Enjoy!