The start of the year may seem like a distant memory to many of us that have been in work since the 2nd January! 2020 has started well for us so far and we thought we’d update you on what we’ve been up to….

2020 arrival Elliot who is now up for adoption

Record number of adoptions and admissions in January

In 2019 we rehomed 413 animals. This is a little less than usual due to us closing to admissions in the run up to our new centre opening, but we are proud that we were able to admit 513 animals throughout the year and find so many wonderful animals loving new homes.

Our new animal centre enabled us to admit a record number of animals in January! This equates to: 38 cats, 21 rats, 9 rabbits, 3 guinea pigs, 2 bearded dragons, 1 hamster, 1 degu and 1 snake were admitted making a total of 76 animals!

It’s raining rats!

We helped the National RSPCA inspectorate with a case of over 200 rats being housed in one room in a house in Humberside. We took in 21 in total and were able to rehome 17 of them within one week thanks to our amazing ratty fans. The rest went on pregnancy watch just to be safe and so far we remain pup-free! You’ll be seeing more rats for adoption in the next few weeks.

All these ratties are now rehomed! 🙂

With the success of finding homes for so many rats in such a short space of time it meant we had record adoption figures in January too! 61 animals found homes which looks like: 26 cats, 17 rats, 14 rabbits, 3 guinea pigs and 1 bearded dragon.

So much for the Winter months being quiet!


Sadly, January saw the admission of 4 very unwell cats, all of whom were long term strays and not microchipped. Between them their veterinary costs have tipped over £2,500 putting massive financial pressure on the branch. Two of the cats had been long term strays suffering with very sore eyes because their lids curled under causing the lashes to repeatedly scratch the surface of their eyes. The corrective surgery for them collectively cost £1,100!

Onslow was admitted to the vets for 2.5 weeks for wound care management and is now well on the way to recovery following a tricky recovery as he’s FIV +

Onslow before surgery…

We also admitted a cat that had such an enormous, burst abscess that it had caused a crater on the side of his poor face! 

One of the worst burst abscesses we’ve seen (which is saying something!)

We still have one cat left at the vets after her armpit became lacerated by her elasticated collar. Thankfully we don’t see many injuries like this any more because people are aware of the dangers of collars that are not quick releasing. She must have suffered terribly over quite a period of time for the collar to have become embedded as it was. Thankfully her extended stay at the vets is seeing the wound start to heal. Fingers crossed she’ll be up for adoption in the next few months.

How can you help?

We have lots going on you can get involved with at our centre in Salford. Currently we have vacancies for the following volunteers:

You could be helping move these bunny lumps so we can clean their pens!
  • Rabbit socialiser Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri and Sat 2-4pm

You’ll be sitting with our bunnies providing nose rubs and general fusses as required…

  • Rabbit and/or small animal care assistant Mon to Fri 9-11:30am

You’ll be helping with the more practical side of caring for our rabbits and smalls including feeding, cleaning, topping up hay racks etc. Also emptying litter trays (if you can remove any bunnies first!).

  • Small animal care assistant on Sun 9-11:30am

As above but in our small animal room where we always have lots of rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and other random small fluffy guests!

If you are interested in becoming a weekly volunteer in any of these roles please send us an email to: with your preferred slot! Our animal centre is located near the Weaste tram stop.

Some of our current ‘smalls room’ residents

We also have lots of events going on! Here’s a taster of our fundraisers to come this year:

We also have animal welfare events open to everyone:

If you have any ideas of fundraisers we’d love to hear from you! Send us an email or call 0161 737 6600.