It all started Monday, stranded at home due to a bus strike… mid afternoon I was being recorded for BBC Radio Mcr, over the telephone, for previews for them coming to my house the next day to do a roving reporter job in my house on how many bloomin rabbits i/we have in our care as a result of an increase in rabbit abandonments. The following morning I waited, and waited some more, but they’d gone to the wrong address so we missed going out live on air and instead recorded a piece that went out at drive time, I even found the link: Steve_Saul_22_09_2009/

It’s on till Tues 29th Sept and it makes me sound like an animal hoarder!

Wednesday was a very bad day, but I’m not going to go into it cos I’ll just get stressed again. But, Thursday was heaps better as we delivered rabbit welfare training to Inspectors and seemed to get really positive feedback about how much they had learnt and better understood about my favourite furry companions. (BTW rabbits are classed as exotic pets and shouldn’t eat dried food, lettuce or carrots and if you are feeding your bunny this then please email me for more info, I’m here to help).

Friday was one of our crazy days again where I found myself getting nowhere fast but I am pleased to say that the tickets are beginning to sell for the gala evening. But, it’s still stressing me out cos I’ve had no time to go begging for things and promoting the event and I feel like I am running behind schedule a bit. The cat clinic next Sat is having very little interest and I really need to go out leafleting some more around Longsight, where it’s taking place, but I’m buggered if I can get there at the mo….you’d think people would jump at the chance of getting their cats vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped for £5.

But with feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment with stuff to do with the branch’s finances (i.e. not having any) I’m having the weekend off for a bit of a break – luxury that, two days off in a row!

Let’s hope by Monday we have loads of animals reserved and I can tell you lots of exciting things. All I can tell you at the moment is that we’ve bunnies coming out of everywhere. We’re up to 24 and should only have 10. Wanna rabbit?