I don’t want to tempt fate but I’m actually beginning to feel like we have turned a corner. Things really feel like they are looking up and we have been having a wonderful run on rehomings the last week or so…..

1. Lily and Diaz, two pups who were kept in a car, have been rehomed

2. Our donkey-sized Mastiff pup Hank finally has someone interested in him who has bags of experience with big breeds and has 20 acres of land for him to lollop around in.

3. Looks like Princess, the poor dog that was abandoned and drank the toilet bowl dry, has a serious interest in her, at last, and is being viewed Saturday.

4. We’ve had a massive run on adult cats too and we can’t fill up fast enough! But sadly we can’t seem to find a home for our two kitten boys Simeon and Riley (grrr).

5. And then there’s the bunnies – we’ve had a really good time with bonding ours with owned bunnies and it looks like 4 will have found new homes!

6. But best news of all is that our gorgeous rotti Sasha found a wonderful new home in the Welsh countryside and a new companion dog too. We are so chuffed.

Of course all this activity means we’ve been able to help more furries too. We are stock piling on cats again and hopefully going to be getting a boxer dog or two this week and two new bunnies whose mum fled from domestic violence.

But I had to introduce you to little Oscar. He was found abandoned in Ashton – no mum or siblings to be found. He was only 3-4 weeks old and needing to be hand reared. Me and my big gob said “yeah, sure” but with not actually having anyone to foster him it was looking like I was on for sleepless nights for the next two weeks.

Thankfully, my friend’s sister-in-law (well would be if they were married) came to my rescue and was both mine and Oscar’s saviour. Her cat Lily, who she adopted from us earlier in the year, has had her nose out of joint but is settling now, thanks to bribery and a new scratching post! Anyway, little Oscar is doing grand and is a greedy mcgreedy pants and is absolutely thriving. I’m going round Saturday to see if his teeth have come through much and if he can have a go at solids yet.

My other joy of the week has been the new staff starting – I already feel an enormous amount of pressure being lifted and beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Mel is our new part time Animal Welfare Assistant and Sarah is our new part time Deputy Shop Manager. Both fit into the team brilliantly – which means they are wonderfully potty like the rest of us. I can actually see myself being able to have some time off soon – bliss!