What a wonderfully inconsistent week we’ve had. At times we’ve been kicking our heels and actually finishing on time and even, yes, even, finishing early (unheard of). Yet I’ve still managed to work 6 days this week and come home with a pile of admin to do but I’m currently enjoying a very early Sunday morning healthy dollop of peace of quiet.

This week on the animal front we’ve been kept occupied by getting all the new cat, dog and rabbit arrivals assessed and vet treated, but sadly on the adoption side things have flat-lined. I think people are waiting for kittens to come along  in Spring and so the adult cats are not as appealing at the moment. Equally frustrating, especially after such a good run on dog adoptions, we now have dogs in our care that stand little chance of finding a home because of their breed.

Calvin weighed half his body weight on admission

Bruno: best dog in the world

It’s sad really that even in these enlightened times a media report can make or break the future of anyone or anything. The demonisation of bull breeds in the media just compounds the myths and ignorance out there. But then at this moment in time I could well be accused of not putting my money where my mouth, as I formally adopt my new family member next week.

I’ve got a Shih Tzu. A Shih Tzu. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever envisioned myself having a Shih Tzu. They probably represent everything that turn me off about small, pedigree dogs. But there we have it, I’m adopting a Shih Tzu.


In my defence she came to us at Christmas time with her litter mates at just 10 days old. I’d not hand reared puppies before but a moment of madness saw me loose my marbles and quite relatively easily I caved in and took them home. I was asked recently if I’d do it again and I haughtily laughed and replied with a firm ‘no’. (The pups turn 10 weeks old tomorrow and have all found homes)

The story of the pups is that they had been rejected by their mum, so an inspector went to the rescue. I have little else to go on other than that only half the litter survived (2 died before I got them and 1 died in my care) and the remaining 3 are quite evidently the sorry victims of careless, thoughtless, over and in breeding that will flaunt them for life. They struggle to breathe due to a condition called ‘stenotic nares’, one has delayed development and another has gait/walking issues. They are all clearly the result of human greed and fancy, but thankfully thriving  nonetheless.

It just goes to show that you just can’t help who you fall in love with but my goodness had you told me, this time last year, I’d be adopting a Shih Tzu I would have sworn at you! My favourite dogs of all time are Rottis, but it seems that my dream of adopting one is ever further away now, especially when you consider I have 6 houserabbits and don’t intend to hand-rear anything else for a very long time indeed.

Linka and Quella – my friends

Whilst the media has the power to alter the once popular perceptions of the good old British Staffie or the wild fox, it can also be an incredibly powerful tool of change. I’m thrilled to say that in the last couple of weeks we have been blessed by media support for our new shop in the Northern Quarter and its fortunes are beginning to really look up as a result. Take a look at these links:





As a result of the above link a lady in Wiltshire spotted the article, fell for the pink jacket and rang up and bought it over the phone! How incredible is that.


This really could not have come at a better time for us as the the shop rent was due and we were running at a loss but thanks to generous online support and the help of the Manchester Evening News we have turned a profit in the last two weeks!

Now obviously I’m not counting my chickens just yet but I cannot tell you the elation this brings to us. We are desperate to buy platform weighing scales for the dogs (£250)and to fix the animal van (£300) but we just don’t have the spare cash to do it, such is the tight margins we are currently operating on.

So, just as I was feeling particularly despairing this week of our financial position I came across this link:

We don’t know the person who set it up but we are absolutely chuffed to bits. This is such a wonderful act of kindness and really made my week. Thank you, thank you so much!