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All our guinea pigs are health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Single males are also neutered.

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Ursula, Gwen & Octavia


Ursula, Gwen & Octavia are a very special female guinea pig trio! The girls sadly found themselves in our care after their owner went to prison. We don’t know much about their previous life but we believe Gwen is roughly 12 months old and her daughters around 4 months of age. They are a real joy to care for and are looking for an indoor home together.

Ursula is the youngest (ginger with white stripe) but by far the loudest and most confident! She will happily trot out and wheek directly at you if there’s food going. She also likes being talked to and will happily listen and give her own opinion! As she’s a youngster she’s pretty wiggly to handle and she will nibble at your fingers when she gets bored. Ursula will happily let you stroke her head and approach for attention. It’s rare that we get such a confident, outgoing pig and Ursula is certainly very special.

Gwen is the oldest and largest of the gang, roughly around 12 months of age. She has a pretty light agouti and white coat and definitely has some Abyssinian in her which is evident by her slight quiff and ridged hair on her back! Gwen is much quieter and shy (as most guinea pigs are) but gets a lot of confidence from bold little Ursula and tends to follow her lead.

Octavia is the quietest of the three and is often hiding at the back behind the other girls! Octavia is a gorgeous dark ginger colour and has pretty little pink eyes. She’s rather skittish and it will take time to really bring her out of her shell and help her to learn that people aren’t so scary. Again, she is much happier when Ursula is around to show her the ropes. She also has some Abyssinian in her and sports a very funky ridgeback!

All three piggies love their food especially broccoli, spring greens and hay. Any potential adopter must like the sound of wheeking piggies as Ursula has quite a pair of lungs on her! The piggies would be suitable to live in a home with older, sensible children but they must be supervised at all times. As Ursula is so confident & seeks human interaction we are looking for an indoor home for this trio so they can receive maximum attention. As a trio they will need a large setup (min. 5ft x 2ft) where they can have their own space to stay happy and healthy. They will also need daily access to a separate run to play and explore in. A C&C setup would be ideal and is often a cheaper option than a shop bought indoor cage. There are various websites on how to build your own C&C cage including this one: http:// uk/ We are happy to advise on housing so please get in touch if you’d like to adopt this lovely trio! Please note: we don’t rehome animals as children’s pets, an adult must be responsible for their day to day care & wellbeing.

If you would like to adopt the girls contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Donald & Barlow

Barlow and Donald are a pair of gorgeous male piggies looking for a home together. Sadly they had been abandoned by their owner and now need a happy ending before Christmas. Barlow is a roughly 8-12 month old Teddy cross breed chap whilst little Donald is younger, around 5 months old and is all black with a little black stripe on his neck. They have been health checked by an exotic specialist vet and are in good health despite their ordeal.  

The boys really are the sweetest pair of piglets. They are typical pigs that love their grub and will wheek to get your attention! They particularly love their veggies, readigrass and hay and have great appetites. The boys enjoy being in eachothers company and Donald in particular gets lots of confidence being around this bigger ‘adopted brother’.  They do make a funny looking pair as Donald is significantly smaller than Barlow but it won’t be long until they are both the same size!  

Barlow & Donald are suitable to live indoors or outdoors but will need min. 5ft housing, ideally 6ft with access to a separate run to exercise in daily. The boys are skittish like most pigs and will need regular gentle handling to bring them around. They would be suitable to live with sensible children over the age of 8 but must be supervised at all times. Please note we don’t rehome animals solely as children’s pets – they must be the responsibility of an adult.

If you would like to adopt Donald & Barlow contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Steven & Patrick

Steven and Patrick are 2 hunky adult male guinea pigs looking for a new home! They are around 1 year old and came into our care after their previous owner couldn’t cope with multiple animals in the home.  

Thankfully the boys are no worse for their experience and now just need a cosy home to rest their piggy paws. Steven is the biggest of the pair but both boys are on the larger size which makes them even more adorable! Patrick is the more timid one and he’s always much more confident with his brother Steven around. Both pigs are extremely handsome and have the shiniest black coat with well positioned white stripes down each of their noses!  

Both boys love their grub and particularly enjoy cabbages and readigrass. They love their food so much you will be serenaded with wheeks until they get their dinner! Steven and Patrick are looking for a home as a pair and would be happy to live indoors or outdoors (indoors is preferred). They will need a min. 5ft x 2ft home (but bigger is always better) with additional space to run around each day. They could live with sensible older children 8 and over.

If you would like to adopt Steven & Patrick contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.