Guinea Pigs

Looking to adopt a rescue guinea pig? Look no further!

All our guinea pigs are health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Single males are also neutered.

If you would like to adopt a piggy from us please read our

'Adopting a Guinea Pig Guide' before contacting us.

If you have any questions please contact us on:

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Housing ideas; indoor & out









Location: private boarding

Bill is an adorable brown baby guinea pig around 8 weeks old. He is looking for a new home after he was dumped in a cardboard box marked 'Don’t ignore me' on a residential road along with his sister. Thankfully they were discovered and taken to the RSPCA and within 24 hours of their rescue the little girl was adopted by one of our volunteers.

So now it’s Bill's turn to find a home. Bill is only small but is very fast and greedy! He squeaks loudly for his food and refuses to be ignored when you pass him with the food cart. He can be difficult to scoop up (due to his speed and size) but once in your hands he settles down for strokes.  

Because Bill is still young we are looking to pair him up with a lonely older male. He is looking for a set up indoors with plenty of space (min 5ft) and enrichment to keep him active.

If you would like to adopt Billy contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.