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All our guinea pigs are health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Single males are also neutered.

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Hank & Ernie

Location: private boarding facility

Hank and Ernie are a beautiful pair of male guinea pigs looking for a new home after they were removed from a property where multiple animals were being kept in extremely poor conditions. The boys had mites when they arrived but thankfully we got them just in time and they were easily treated with no lasting damage to their skin. Now they have been given the all clear we are looking for a nice new home for the boys together.  

Hank is a big, beautiful ginger and white boy who is the more confident one of the pair, he is still a little skittish but his love of food and his inquisitive nature gets the better of him and he cant help but poke his nose at us to check to see if we have food on offer.   Ernie is half the size of Hank and likes to keep safe by staying behind his large friend. He is a shy little lad but with plenty of handling and encouragement we know he'll come round .It is easy to coax him out with a slice of cucumber or some tasty veg and is very vocal when he gets a whiff of something tasty and can’t help but come and say hello.  


Hank and Ernie are looking for a home together. They will need frequent handling to help them gain some trust in people but they have lots of potential and are very entertaining lads to watch play together.

If you would like to adopt Hank & Ernie contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.