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All our guinea pigs are health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Single males are also neutered.

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Sweetpea & Pepper

Location: private boarding

Sweetpea and Pepper gave been waiting for a new home since November 2015. The came into the care of the RSPCA after their owner could no longer cope with their 16 guinea pigs due to health issues. Sweetpea is a stunning little girl with light chocolate brown and white markings, she is only 18 months old. Pepper is a gorgeous golden agouti guinea pig who has a round and sturdy frame, she is approximately 3 and half years old.

Both girls are rather shy and prefer to take cover in a pigloo when we approach them but if we respect their wishes and leave them on the ground they will come out for juicy treats and a nosey. As there were so many guinea pigs in home we presume the girls haven’t been handled regularly but if we sit back and relax they soon go about their business with us present. You could be forgiven in thinking Sweetpea was only a baby as she is so small, especially compared to Pepper who is twice her size. Her small stature allows her to quickly race around her pen in a flash, often confusing our staff as to where she has gone! In contrast Pepper is larger than most guinea pigs due to her having litters in the past but she has an air of royalty about her as if she was the matriarch in the previous home. She is also a little more confident than Sweetpea and will often lead the way.

Although the girls aren’t fond of too much human interaction they are tolerant of being handled and are gentle and well-mannered during their weekly health checks. They are happy to come out and munch on green leaves as long as it’s a relaxed environment and we have seen their confidence grow during the time they have been in our care. Sweetpea and Pepper are looking for a home together, sadly an attempt at bonding them with a neutered male failed so they are best off sticking as a twosome. They are looking for a spacious enclosure either indoors or out, min 5 feet in length.

If you would like to adopt Sweetpea & Pepper contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.