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Ronan is a sweet little pig with a distinctive cream coloured coat. He was rescued from a home with over 70 guinea pigs which were being used for breeding but thankfully Ronan is in good health and is ready to find a new loving home.  

Ronan is only a young boy who can be a little shy around people. He can be coaxed out of his pigloo with some treats but he does need an owner who will be patient with him and help him get used to being handled. Ronan was in a trio of male guinea pigs when he was first rescued (but had to be separated due to incompatibility) so we are confident that he will quickly bond with some female piggy friends.  

Ronan has been neutered so can be bonded with 1 or more female guinea pigs. He is looking for a home indoors in a good sized indoor enclosure (min. 5ft with a run or additional space to exercise). He will not be suitable for children under 10 and needs at least 1 other female piggy to live with (not a male please!).

If you would like to adopt Ronan contact us today!

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Bugsy & Lady

Bugsy and Lady are a beautiful pair of guinea pigs looking for a loving forever home together. They came to us after being rescued from a house with over 70 guinea pigs and rabbits which were being kept in squalid conditions and being used for breeding. Thankfully Bugsy and Lady are both young pigs who have blossomed since being in our care; both were extremely skinny and had overgrown claws and matted fur but now they are beautiful, healthy pigs!  

Both pigs are quite shy and haven’t had much experience being handled but they are gaining confidence every day. Bugsy is the more confident one of the pair and he often pokes his head up in the air when we are chatting to them so he can see what’s going on. Lady likes to stay close to her man when we are around and will nestle herself under him to feel safe. This quickly changes when they realise we have fresh cucumber for them and they will scurry forward to take it from us.  

Although they avoid being picked up, once in our hands they settle down and are very gentle. We are able to carry out our weekly health checks with no bother and Lady is particularly good with having her claws clipped! Bugsy has a very coarse fluffy ginger, white and black coat which we  go over with a brush every week. Lady has a very soft and silky white and coffee coloured coat and she is always in perfect condition, unlkie her Bugsy who has a habit of getting anything and everything stuck to him!  

Bugsy and Lady would make rewarding pets for someone willing to put the time and effort into handling them everyday. We have seen amazing progress in Bugsy whilst he was in foster care and we are confident that Lady will soon take his lead with a little help.  

This lovely pair are looking for a large indoor or outdoor enclosure with plenty of igloos and hay houses to hide in. Ideally an adopter with guinea pig experience and any children in the home to be 8 and over.

If you would like to adopt Bugsy & Lady contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.