Guinea Pigs

Looking to adopt a rescue guinea pig? Look no further!

All our guinea pigs are health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Single males are also neutered.

If you would like to adopt a piggy from us please read our

'Adopting a Guinea Pig Guide' before contacting us.

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Lettuce & Tomato


Location: private boarding

Lettuce and Tomato are a lovely pair of fluffy pigs looking for a new home after they were  rescued from a property overwhelmed with animals; they were being kept in very poor conditions a long side 4 other guinea pigs, a cat and a dog. Thankfully the boys were in good health when they reached us and after being neutered and checked over by our exotic vet they were given the all clear for adoption. The boys were originally rehomed back in June but sadly they were returned due to the owner being allergic so the boys are back with us and back up for adoption.

Lettuce is the star of the show and quickly steals the hearts of all who meet him. He is cheeky, confident and greedy: the perfect pig! Tomato is more than happy to let Lettuce take centre stage as he likes to err on the side of caution, but with food on offer he will come over to say hello take leaves from your hand. Lettuce is a vocal boy who likes you to know when he’s hungry, which is most of the time, but he gets louder the longer you ignore him! He loves a fuss almost as much as he loves his food so any kind of attention keeps him quiet for an hour or two. The boys quickly get into a routine and will be ready to greet you from work or say good morning when you wake up, unlike some guinea pigs who like to be left alone these boys love the attention and being part of the family.

Lettuce and Tomato are looking for a home indoors so that they can keep an eye on all the coming and goings in the home. A C&C cage set up would be ideal, no smaller than 5 grids by 2 as they are both males and like lots of space to avoid squabbles.

If you would like to adopt Lettuce & Tomato contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.







Location: private boarding

Olaf is a very handsome 4 month old Himalayan male guinea pig that came into our care after he was allegedly brought home by a member of the public’s cat! On admission, Olaf was a skinny little chap but when placed in foster care he soon found his feet and thrived with some home comforts. He’s now fully fit, healthy and was neutered on the 2nd September. Olaf is looking for a home with one or more female guinea pigs and can be bonded from the 14th October.

Here's what his foster carer has to say:

"Olaf is possibly the noisiest Guinea pig I have ever met; you can always hear him before you can see him! In fact, whenever he hears our car pull into the driveway he starts wheeking at us to welcome us home! Olaf is a very sweet natured piggy. He loves his food and will happily take from your hand. He gets very excited when you clean his cage out and will perform his best zoomies and popcorns as a thank you! Olaf is a very quick pig, but once you've mastered the art of catching him he will happily sit on your knee for a cuddle. Olaf would definitely suit an indoor home so he can continue his duties as fridge alarm!"

  If you have a single indoor female guinea pig or pair/group of ladies looking for a handsome man to join their gang please get in touch! We can provide full support in regards to introductions and bonding – if you have any questions about this do let us know!

If you would like to adopt Olaf contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.