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All our rabbits are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked by an exotic vet specialist. Our rabbit adoption fee is £40 per rabbit or £70 for a pair.

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Location: private boarding

Amarella is our own little mother Teresa here at the branch, she was rescued back in January from terrible conditions with not one but two litters of babies. She was being repeatedly bred from so our poor girl had given birth to six bundles of joy just 4 weeks after giving birth to two others. Our inspectors got her just in time as many of her babies were weak and she was extremely skinny and covered in urine. Thankfully after a couple of months recuperation she is thriving and has begun to loose her yellow stained coat,although the pictures of her do suggest otherwise! Her babies have now been separated and have started to find homes of their own so after being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped she is finally ready for some attention.

Amarella was extremely skittish when she first arrived, having being used as a baby making machine rather than being loved like all companion animals should be. Thankfully a bit of time and patience goes a long way, add in some curly kale and we now have a much more confident bunny. She hops around, comes to investigate new people and is starting to enjoy life as a foot loose and fancy free woman. She still needs to be approached sensitively and she’ll avoid being handled, but she’s never been reactive or even struggled, you can just see how worried she gets when out of her comfort zone.

Amarella is looking for a home with an understanding owner who will allow her the time to settle in at her own pace. She was neutered on the 1st March so is ready to be reserved for bonding from the 29th March. However, given her past experience of male rabbits she will likely need a very placid companion.

If you would like to adopt Amarella contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: private boarding

Paige is a stunning fawn coloured rabbit around 2 years old. She is looking for a new home after she was rescued from a property with over 50 rabbits living in poor conditions. Breeding was out of control and the owner was unable to cope with the situation. Paige came to us with 6 beautiful baby bunnies which have now fled the nest so after being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped she is ready to find a home of her own. Paige was reserved for bonding at the end of last year but sadly they didn’t take to one another. We did, however, get a good insight into her character being in a home:

“Well Paige is definitely a clever bunny and loves all her toys and treats. She eats more than any other rabbit I’ve ever known; stripping her 7ft run of grass in a day and making rapid progress across my whole garden! She showed no behaviour relating to burrowing out, but she quickly learnt which doors opened with a little extra effort so she needs a sturdy enclosure or she’ll be off! Paige gained a lot of confidence whilst with us and although like most rabbits she doesn’t particularly like being picked up she will definitely come up to you for food and a head stroke. Paige was completely un-phased by our cat and the goings on of the outdoors.”  

Paige is ideally looking for a neutered male rabbit to be bonded with as she is happiest in an outdoor setting. Her new partner needs to be accepting of a bossy, young lass. Her new owner will need to have a good supply of fresh hay and veg and a large secure enclosure to keep her safe.  

If you would like to adopt Paige contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: private boarding

Belinda is an absolutely stunning English spot rabbit around 2 to 3 years old. She was found stray with no sign of an owner but is now neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Belinda was a little skittish at first (quite typical of her breed) and obviously confused by all the change, but she is starting to settle down now and is quickly growing in confidence. Food has been the way to her heart! Like most rabbits she avoids being picked up but she never tells us off or stomps, she just tolerates it knowing she’ll get a treat at the end. Belinda likes a good explore and will no doubt enjoy a large enclosure full of furniture and hidey holes. When she thinks no one’s watching we see her fly round her pen, up and over the wooden castle and through the tunnels, it’s lovely to see her so happy and healthy.

Belinda was neutered on the 26th November so is ready to be reserved for bonding. She could live indoors or out with a bunny friend but will need a quiet home environment as she can be a timid/flighty lady typical of the English Spot breed. If you would like her as a single house bunny then an adult only home would be best. Can you help our girl find her forever home to rest her elegant paws?

If you would like to adopt Belinda contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.







Watch a video of Daphne here!

Location: foster home

Meet our special girl Daphne, she is around 2 years old and has been in our care recuperating since October 2016. She was rescued from a property with 7 rabbits in total, all kept in very poor conditions and being indiscriminately bred from. She was neutered, vaccinated and microchipped by a rabbit specialist vet but after a few weeks she was still deeply distressed so she’s been receiving some extra TLC in foster care.  

Daphne has made amazing progress thanks to her foster mum. After being very timid and skittish when she first arrived she is now as confident as most of the rabbits in our care and has even been described as cheeky! Daphne is now approaching people for head strokes and food and when her foster mum goes to clean out her litter tray each day Daphne will hop over and tug on her sleeve if she hasn’t brought her something green and tasty! She is also an extremely clean rabbit who does all of her toileting in a tray so is very easy to clean up after.

Daphne has made friends with the neighbourhood cat and will purposely hop over to sit next to him and rub noses through her pen. So we believe she is likely to be up for some bunny companionship. Whilst she avoids being picked up she is never aggressive and she is starting to enjoy human attention more and more but she would prefer living outdoors. 

Daphne would be an ideal friend for a neutered male rabbit living outdoors in a spacious enclosure. She is neutered so can now be reserved for bonding. Please note we only reserve rabbits for 7 days at a time.  

If you would like to adopt Daphne contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: private boarding

Charlie is an adorable baby bunny born at the start of January, he is in our care after he was locked in a 3ft hutch and left to starve to death. If that wasn’t bad enough he was crammed in there with 5 of his siblings and his mother. It appears that after failing to rehome the animals on a free ad site the owners just gave up altogether looking after them.

Thankfully the RSPCA was alerted to their plight and the Police assisted in their rescue. All the bunnies are incredibly attentive and confident and love food and attention in that order! They always come running up to their pen door to greet you – they are just so sweet! They have been in our care for one month and we are finally able to release them for rehoming. During their time with us they have been examined twice by exotic vet specialists and received the combi vaccination, he was also neutered and microchipped at the end of March.

The bunnies are hoping to go from rags to riches once they are adopted so we felt it only fitting that we give them all Royal names! Charles is looking for a home either indoors or out with neutered female, he was neutered on the 29th of March so can be reserved for bonding from the 9th of May. Please note we only reserve rabbits for 7 days. He is available now to live as a spoilt single house rabbit.

If you would like to adopt Charlie contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: private boarding

If a small but spirited 5 month old heart breaker is what you’re looking for then Zara is the girl for you. She came into our care after being rescued from a tiny cramped hutch which she was sharing with her sister. The pair were rescued by our inspectors but due to Zara being a bit of a bully the two were separated. Since being neutered she has calmed down considerably, she did start nesting so we expect that raging hormones weren’t helping matters, so all is forgiven and she is now looking for a new home possibly with a neutered bunny boy for company.

Zara is small in size but has a big personality. She is confident when it suits her but can be dismissive of us if we interrupt her at an inconvenient time. We are sure that in the home she’ll be much more obliging as she’ll finally get the space and attention she so rightly deserves. Strokes are accepted if treats are given in exchange and anyone carrying some curly kale instantly goes up in her estimation. For a bunny who we’d still class as being a baby she sure has a good grasp of the world!

Zara is looking for a home with an experienced rabbit adopter. She was neutered on the 1st March so can be reserved for bonding from the 29th of March, but any prospective mate will need to be placid.

If you would like to adopt Zara contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.





Location: private boarding

Nanette is a silky smooth female bunny looking for a new home after she was found stray with no sign of an owner. She was discovered by a member the public back in December 2016 when she was just a young nipper; we estimate she was born at the end of July, she’s now fully grown and after being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped she is ready for adoption.

It’s taken Nanette a few months to settle in our care: she was ever so shy when she first arrived so  we decided just to leave her to acclimatise before attempting a photo shoot and character judgement on her. We still feel that she won’t show us her true character until she’s in her new home but we are getting to see snippets of cuteness and greedy behaviour. She likes venturing out in her run, discovering nooks and crannies and jumping up onto whatever’s available. She loves her hay too and enjoys moving it around as much as eating it!

Nanette is a skittish little lady who needs a quiet home and an owner who will be patient and understanding with her. She is sure to be a very rewarding companion as she’ll no doubt flourish over time. Nanette was neutered on the 16th January so can be bonded with a male bunny to live outdoors.

If you would like to adopt Nanette contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.












Rover, Maven & Rosetta

Location: private boarding

All good things come in 3’s right? RIGHT! Meet Rover, Maven and Rosetta, 3 baby bunnies full of naughtiness and delight who were rescued when they were just 1 week old after their mum was found in a tiny hutch with an older litter of babies as well as these tiny newborns. Mum had been repeatedly bred from and was in a sorry state, covered in urine and extremely skinny so we didn’t hold out much hope for her offspring but out of the 6 newborns these 3 fought against the odds and survived.

Although we believe they were born around the 1st of January the trio are smaller due to their poor start but their appetites are strong and the rabbit specialist vet we use believes they are now fighting fit and ready for rehoming. After many a month in a our care the ‘wee babies’ as we’ve affectionately been calling them feel like part of the team. They follow us up and down the corridor from their high up pen and try and help out in every aspect; cleaning, toy sorting and especially feeding.

The little lad Rover has become the most confident with us, perhaps because he’s the smallest and the one we’ve kissed and cuddled the most, but he’s ever so cheeky and will push himself up against the bars of his pen to try and magically push himself through. The girls can be a little resistant when being handled but food time brings them flying over too. Just like dogs the trio come over when called and will respond to any rustling, whistling or veg chopping!

We are looking to rehome our 'wee babies' as a trio as they have been together through thick and thin and we’ve seen no signs that their bond will ever break. They could live indoors or outside in a large outdoor enclosure. They would fit in with most households as they are adventurous and cheeky. They are vaccinated and will be neutered and microchipped by the branch once old enough.

If you would like to adopt the trio contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.







Location: private boarding

Chipper is a handsome brown and white Rex rabbit around 2 years old. He is looking for a new home after he was rescued from filthy, cramped conditions. When he first arrived his nails were so long that they were curling back on themselves so he is now much more comfortable and enjoying a clean and spacious enclosure.

In the short time we have had Chipper he has really come out of his shell. Understandably Chipper didn’t have a good association with people so we have been gently coaxing him with food and allowing him to settle in slowly. He is loving all the extra space and is making good use of every inch. We normally find him on top of a wooden castle or in a tunnel. We recently made a breakthrough and were allowed two lovely head strokes in return for a treat so we can see that Chipper is making progress but we need to take it slow and keep it on his terms. We are sure that once fully settled in a new home he will be hopping out to say hello and readily enjoying a tickle. Seeing his slow but sure transformation is just a delight and will no doubt bring much pleasure to his new family too.

Chipper has won the proud prize of being a ‘staff favourite’; Deb tells us how he won the title:

‘The reason why I love Chipper is because he came in with lots of other bunnies all of which were scared to death having lived a very sheltered life, and we thought that it’d be impossible to bring them round. But after just a couple of weeks he was grabbing veg out of my hand and rattling at his pen door for more food and attention. I couldn’t believe the transformation. Now he’s too cheeky if anything, pulling at my coat sleeve if I dare to cuddle him for too long or climbing up the wooden castle to get an extra mouthful of ready grass as I walk past, He’s just great! It helps that he’s beautiful too, such soft, plush fur you just want to rub your face in him, he’d never allow it obviously. I have a picture of him living free range in someone’s living room, jumping up onto the sofa and stealing a biscuit off the coffee table or throwing a cardboard box out of his way which his owner thought he’d enjoy, he’s such a character.

Understandably there are still times when something spooks him or signs of his past show, but generally he’s just an absolute credit to rabbit kind. ‘ Chipper is looking for a home with a patient and understanding owner who will allow him to go about his business without too much handling or pressure to socialise with people in the early days. He was neutered on the 1st November so can be reserved for bonding. He would be the perfect companion for a bunny lady living outdoors who needs some company or someone seeking a handsome hunk for the house.

If you would like to adopt Chipper contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.




Location: private boarding

Come and meet our fluffy faced boy Cassidy. He’s around 2 years old and is looking for a new home after he was abandoned in a box outside a property that his owner had vacated along with another unneutered male. The boys couldn’t be kept together due to fighting so after being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped Cassidy is ready for a fresh start.

It took Cassidy a couple of months to settle in. When he first arrived he was grumpy and confused by all the change, not to mention hormonal, but he’s now calmed down considerably and is turning into quite the charmer. He’s always eager to meet us, whether that’s actually because he likes us or the treats we’re carrying is another matter, but it’s never difficult to get his attention. He’s easy enough to scoop up and as long as you’re quick, he’ll tolerate his health checks and pedicures well. Strokes and a quick brush of his manly mane are welcomed if accompanied by treats but he will let you know if you’ve crossed the line with a stamp of feet or head butt.

Cassidy was neutered on the 30th January so can be reserved for bonding or live as a single house rabbit. He would ideally suit an experienced rabbit adopter who is will be sensitive to his needs.

If you would like to adopt Cassidy contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.





Letty & Lucille

Location: private boarding

Letty and Lucille are two gorgeous large ladies around 2 years old. They found themselves in our care after being rescued from inadequate and cramped conditions; multiple rabbits were being kept in tiny, sometimes make-shift, cages with very little provision but thankfully they are now with us and after being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped are ready for adoption.

Letty and Lucille haven’t been with us long but they have been friendly and calm rabbits from day one. They love their greens and their head strokes and are just too nosey to bother about us getting in their way. Letty is the ginger lady who can’t quite decide if she has lopped ears or not, it seems to change each day! Lucille is the black otter who is ever so slightly more confident than her sister. We don’t know the girls that well yet but we already love them and are looking forward to seeing more of their character as the days go by.

The girls are looking for a home together; they will need a spacious home with plenty of fresh hay and veg and would be ideal living indoors as part of a family. They are not British giant size but are big girls - all the more to love!

If you would like to adopt Letty & Lucille contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680






Location: private boarding

Terence wants to meet you! He’s a 2 year old stunning English Spot with good manners and a taste for curly kale. Terence is looking for a new home after his taste for adventure proved too much for his owner to cope with. Terence was always escaping from his home and wondering stray so he has been signed over so we can find him a secure property with plenty to keep him occupied. Since coming into our care Terence has been neutered, vaccinated (combi and RHD2) and microchipped.

Terence is a good boy who accepts strokes and doesn’t protest at being picked up. He never gives us any trouble during health checks and is always grateful for his kale and cabbage once he’s done. He’s quickly making his way up our favourite list just because he’s a nice, sociable, straight forward bun which is such a pleasure for us.

Terence is looking for a home either indoors or out with a neutered female. He will be 6 weeks post op on the 25th February. If going outdoors he will need an extra sturdy enclosure where there is no possible chance of escape! But as long as he has company and lots to do we are sure he wouldn’t want to. Please note we only reserve rabbits for 7 days.  

If you would like to adopt Terence contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.



Location: private boarding

Rita is a big and beautiful black rabbit around 2 years old. She’s found herself in our care after being rescued from inadequate and cramped conditions; multiple rabbits were being kept in tiny cages with very little provision but thankfully Rita is now with us and after being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped she is ready for adoption.

Rita only came to us a short time ago so we are still bonding with her and gaining trust but we can see from our short time together that food is close to her heart, as is being nosey! She likes to keep a close eye on us, maybe it’s so she’s ready to run away when we try and health check her or maybe she just likes being part of the action. Like most large ladies she isn’t easy to handle and prefers interaction on ground level especially when veg is part of the deal!

Rita was neutered on the 6th December so can be reserved for bonding from the 3rd January. She will require a spacious home with plenty of fresh hay and tasty greens. Rita is not of British Giant size but she is a large lady! Please note we will only reserve rabbits for 7 days at a time.

If you would like to adopt Rita contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.






Location: private boarding

Meryl is a beautiful rabbit around 1 year old who has a thirst for life that is simply infectious! Meryl was abandoned in a hamster cage in an outbuilding along with a cat. We suspect she had lived her life in that hamster cage because since coming into our care she has been making the most of her new found freedom and she is so happy!

Meryl is too clever for her own good. You are going to have to be on your toes with this one! She's a jumper, climber, investigator - you name it! She is such an adventure bunny and fearless with it. She is incredibly gentle in nature and once you have her in your arms she is good as gold - you just have to catch her first! She is such a sweet littel lady who will always come running for her veggies.

Meryl will need a secure home with plenty of space, ideally her own room or free range or with a secure outdoor set up (if paired with a neutered male bunny). She was neutered on 22nd February and has been vaccinated and micro chipped too.

If you would like to adopt Meryl contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.











Location: private boarding

Gorgeous boy Bjorn is a 1 year old Rex rabbit with fur so plush you just can’t help snuggling into him. He is in our care after being rescued from a tiny, filthy hutch where he was being kept with another unneutered male. unsurprisingly they had been fighting so were quickly separated. Bjorn was then neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and after being given the all clear by our rabbit specialist vet he is ready for a fresh start.

Bjorn has a personality to match his stunning good looks; he’s friendly, tolerant of handling and normally too busy chomping on some veg or treats to mind what’s going on around him. It quickly became obvious that Bjorn had to be rehomed as a house rabbit as he thrives when given attention and never fails to put a smile on our faces. When approached sensibly with food Bjorn is guaranteed to be your best friend.

Bjorn was neutered on the 8th February so can be reserved for bonding with a neutered female from the 22nd March, alternatively he can be reserved right away as a single house bunny. Bjorn would be suitable to live in a family home but needs to be indoors only as he is so wonderfully friendly.

If you would like to adopt Bjorn contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.





Watch a video of Audrey here!

Location: foster care

Audrey is a gorgeous, Dutch cross who is around 3 years old. She has come into RSPCA care because her owner was unable to cope. It was love at first sight for us all when we met Audrey and she was soon named after her foster mum’s heroine, Audrey Hepburn. This is what her foster mum has to say about her:  

“It has been a pleasure looking after Audrey, whoever adopts her is very lucky! Here are is a list of things about her personality:

As you can see Audrey would make an ideal house rabbit but would thrive the most living amongst adults or with a family with teenage children where there won’t be sudden noises, changes or movement. Audrey has really lived up to her elegant name-sake and will delight any rabbit lover with her beautiful personality. Audrey has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and is ready for bonding with a neutered male bunny if you wish. 

If you would like to adopt Audrey contact us today!

Email or call 0161 882 0680.


Cindy & Joe

Location: foster care

Joe (agouti and white, approx 1 to 2 years old) and Cindy (lionhead, approx 6 months) were found abandoned along with 6 other rabbits. Several of the bunnies were in a very poor state and could not be saved but thankfully these two, possibly father and daughter, were in good health. After being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped they are now ready for a forever home. This is what their foster mum has to say about the dinky pair:  

"At first this pair were very frightened and seemed uncomfortable around humans. Now they are really settling in! They are very rarely apart and they just love each other's company! Joe really enjoys lying on his side against Cindy and he regularly helps her clean her mane.   

They both love space to run around and will whizz around like a crazy pair of children! They really like to be 'on look out' and see what's going on. They enjoy looking for their food - I hide it all over their area for them to hunt for! They also love their tunnel to hide in. They really like to drink their water out of a bowl like they would in nature and they absolutely love their hay and greens. At the moment they are enjoying dandelions.   

I am handling them daily and they are used to living in proximity with a friendly dog. They are becoming less difficult to catch and Joe in particular seems to be starting to enjoy cuddles."  

This pair of bunnies must be adopted together as they are very good friends. They would probably prefer to live outside in a secure hutch & run (min. 6ft hutch with same sized permanently attached run) or in a secure garden to free roam. Due to their nature they would only be suitable to live with sensible, older children. We are confident that in their forever home they will continue to thrive!

If you would like to adopt Joe & Cindy contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.