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About Achilles

Breed: Crossbreed Age: 4-5 months (approx) Sex: Male

Meet Achilles, he was born in our care on 9th July, he is one of a litter of 5 and the only male of the bunch! He is a sweet little boy who has been spared an uncertain future thanks to the vigilance of parents at school, who reported another parent  who had been intentionally been breeding rabbits and trying to sell them at the school gates. When  the RSPCA investigated the complaint they found the animals were being kept in poor conditions and all of them were removed.

Achilles has known nothing but love, grub and a life full of enrichment! He has been handled daily since he was fully furred and is a super sociable baby boy who loves climbing on laps, getting head rubs and being hand fed. The whole litter are just sweet natured, confident and gentle bunnies and we are so excited to be able to release them for rehoming. Achilles has been vaccinated and once old enough we will contribute up to £100 toward the cost of castration. For now he needs to live as a single house bun and once he is ‘fixed’ and his hormones have settled he can then be introduced to a ladybun friend.

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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