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About Akiva

Breed: Moggy Age: 5-6 months (approx) Sex: Male

Akiva is a scamp of a kitty who has come into our care after being found stray. He is probably no more than 5 to 6 months old and it is most likely he found himself homeless from going wandering because he was not neutered. Sadly we have been unable to find his owner so he is now looking for a furever home (and is now neutered and chipped!); here his foster carer shares life with the little bundle of mischief:

“He’s become so confident and bubbly. It took absolutely zero time for him to settle in at all. He’s such a bright little chappie who loves all attention and especially loves to play! Anything he can find he will use as a toy and especially loves the teaser toys or balls that rattle or make noise. He’s not bothered by any household noises and is always keen to investigate any sound or movement, he’s just not too keen on the postman coming and pushing letter through!  He loves to sunbathe in any spot of sun. You can usually find him that is snoozing wherever there is sun shining through the windows. During the hotter days he’s really made use of his cooling mat under supervision, but he isn’t very fond of the fan”

Akiva is very lively and so he will be best suited to a home with older children. He also lost one of his 9 lives this week when he tried to make an escape out of an open 1st floor window. His fall was ‘broken’ by hedges, but he is a bit of a danger noodle, so please be aware that all windows and external doors will need to be kept closed for 3 weeks until he can go out to play. If you would like to offer him a home then please email

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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