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About Bryony

Breed: Abby Age: 1 year (approx) Sex: Female

Bryony has come back into our care after a failed bonding, she was fine with the castrated boar but was a bully with a female. Even after several weeks and lots of effort she did not settle so we are looking to house her with a castrated boar or a very placid female/young female. Bryony was originally rescued by RSPCA officers from an allotment.13 piggie were removed from poor conditions and Bryony had 4 babies with her.

Bryony loves her food and will sit on your lap if bribed with parsley and will eventually settle for a snooze. She never hesitates to let you know when she’s hungry, with her chatty wheeks. Bryony also likes her chin rubs once she has got to know you. We estimate Bryony to be around 12 months of age. She is looking to be housed indoors, minimum housing requirement for two piggies is 150cm in length (on one level) and 60cm wide, but of course bigger is better!  Bryony has been examined by an exotic vet upon her return to us and has a clean bill of health. If you would like to offer Bryony a home then please email pictures and dimensions of your set up to:

Please see our housing blog here for inspiration and C&C housing here. 


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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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