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About Copper

Breed: Lop Age: 1-2 years (approx) Sex: Male

Copper came into our care in September from a home where he and his brother had been left to free-roam in the property with dogs. One of the dogs had attacked the rabbits so they were signed over to our care. On arrival both were in shock and in poor condition; it took a long while for Copper to gain weight. Despite our best efforts to maintain their pair-bond, neither bunny was neutered and hormones got in the way so we had to separate them.

Fat forward 4 months and Copper is now a picture of health and quite a flirt with the lady bunnies! He was a shy guy on arrival but his confidence has really grown with his carers. Although he can still be wary of hands sometimes, but he is a very happy boy. He loves playing in his pen, stealing timothy hay that pokes through from his neighbour’s wrack and as you can see in the video loves fibafirst stick. Sadly he keeps being overlooked. Copper is nearly one year old and it is high-time he flew our nest and found himself a loving companion. We think he would adapt to a quiet indoor home, but would also love the outdoor life. Copper needs someone who will take things at his pace and allow him to be a bunny. If you would like offer him a home then please email

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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