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About Dec

Breed: Neddie x Age: 2 years (approx) Sex: Male

Declan has indeed been named after pint-sized presenter Declan Donnolly. He came into our care back in December. He was part of large number of animals removed from a home where there was domestic violence. After being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped he went out for bonding with a female Netherland Dwarf, but with both of them being rather stubborn and head strong they couldn’t settle their differences, so now we are looking to find him a home as a house rabbit where he can continue the binky life he so loves (see video). Here is what his foster mum has to say about him:


“Declan isĀ  a gorgeous pocket rocket. Not only is his coat super soft but he is such a gentle, sweet lad. Declan loves to binky, uncontrollably, then binky some more; he’s such a happy chappy. He may only be small but his front teeth love to taste and nibble pretty much everything in his environment so best to keep them well occupied! He loves cardboard boxes, chew mats and endless hay supplies of course! Declan absolutely loves ‘helping’ at cleaning out time: here there and everywhere! His carrier is his go-to place when he fancies a more private nap, munching hay. I do feel he prefers female humans, now I’m not sure if this is down to his background (domestic violence setting) but I wouldn’t be surprised.”


Declan would like a break from bonding (before trying again in future) and to have lots of play time so he can binky, binky, binky. We estimate him to be around 2 years old, but could be younger. He can live with sensible children who won’t pick him up. If you would like to adopt him please emailĀ

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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