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About Dwayne

Breed: Neddie X Age: 1-2 years (approx) Sex: Male


Dwayne Dibley (aka Lil Dwayne, aka Dibley-ding-dong) is an absolute charmer! If his looks don’t make you fall in love, his character will. 

When Dwayne Dibley arrived in our care he was covered in bite wounds and was the colour of urine. He had been housed alongside a number of other unneutered rabbits, had received little socialising and was understandably timid. Needless to say he was in a terrible state so we moved him into foster care to begin his rehab. That was 3 months ago and now he is actually white, the colour he is meant to be! Here is what his foster carer has to say about him:

“Dwayne Dibley looks like he just stepped out of a Disney animation.  He is such a handsome guy; prepare to have your heart stolen! His main hobbies include Olympic grade binkies and zoomies. He is a very tidy boy and very good at using his litter trays. He loves to nibble but isn’t a destructive rabbit, his favourite toys are wicker tunnels and weaved balls that he can chew away. He can be a bit timid when it comes to fusses, but is very quickly persuaded once you give him a treat and sit down next to him, he just wants to be petted on his own terms! The only thing cuter than his little pink nose is to see his bum twitch with content when he eats strawberry leaves.”

  Dwayne has had a failed bonding, he was the problem and it is evident he is defensive around other rabbits as a result of his poor upbringing. For now he needs a break from bonding and is looking to be housed as a house rabbit with adults who are calm, patient and understanding. If you have the perfect home for him then send us an application form to:   

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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