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About Finn

Breed: Agouti and white Age: 1 year (approx) Sex: Male

Finn originally came into our care in June 2020 with his mum and 6 of his siblings. He found a home but due a change in circumstances he came back to us to seek a third chance of a forever home. When Finn was returned back to us, we noticed he had lost a lot of confidence. It took several weeks to gain his trust to be able to sit in his pen and stroke him. He had gone to live with a family with children and they had not been able to spend as much time with him as they had liked, and this was evident by his timidity towards ‘uprights’. Once settled in we began to see him find his paws once more and once trusting off you he won’t hesitate to jump on our backs whilst we are on all fours cleaning out his pen!


Finn generally prefers you to be quite still when you are with him as he gets quite jumpy when you move suddenly or make any loud noises, but once you spend time with him, he becomes less worried and relaxed. He has proven to be an absolute pocket rocket and always has copious amounts of energy to burn off, and he does this by escaping his pen in the mornings during clean out! Once out of his pen, Finn turns into a happy chappy and binkies his way down the corridor combined with plenty of zoomies, but after his play time goes back to his pen by himself with the help of a treat or two.


Finn’s pen is filled with enriching toys for him to pass the time away when he is not being socialised. Toys include: cardboard box, willow balls, tubes filled with timothy hay, hay racks, tunnels, a house and plenty of hay, which will all go with him to his new home. Finn’s favourite hobby is sitting on his wooden house and chomping away at a fibre stick, but also loves to shred his newspaper. We think Finn will probably be in his element playing outdoors, digging holes and reenacting Formula Bun! It would be lovely to see him paired with a bunny girl so they get up to mischief together. If you have the ideal home for Finn then please send us an application to


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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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