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Flock and Mylar

About Flock and Myler

Breed: Smoothcoats Age: 12 weeks (approx) Sex: 2 females

Flock (all white BEW) and Mylar (grey and white) are two little girls approx 12 weeks old looking for a home together or can be introduced to a group. Their owner sadly had to sign them over to us due to personal circumstances. They have been with us 4 weeks, to bring them on, as they were quite underweight on arrival. They have been examined by an exotic vet specialists and are now ready for rehoming. Flock is the cheeky one, who never hesitates to let you know she is there. She is especially vocal when she thinks you should be feeding her and will leap on to a platform to wheek at you so you cannot ignore her demands! Her sister Myler is an altogether different character, meek and mild and happy for her sis to steal the limelight and be the spokesperson of their family! They are looking to be housed indoors, minimum housing requirement for two piggies is 150cm in length (on one level) and 60cm wide, but of course bigger is better! Please see our housing blog here for inspiration and C&C housing here. They will be suitable to live in a home with sensible children over 10 years but must an adult must be their primary carer. If you would like to offer them a home then please email pictures and dimensions of your set up to:


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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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