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About Frangelica

Breed: X Age: 6 months (approx) Sex: Female

Frangelica came into our care because she was an unwanted Christmas present. The recipients had not wanted a rabbit and were therefore not prepared for life with a house rabbit and didn’t know to offer her litter trays to toilet in, so found she had to find her own areas in the home to go to. When she came into the centre Frangelica didn’t understand litter trays and was quite overwhelmed by her change, so it took a while for her find her confidence. Now she is older and grown, she is a lot happier rabbit but her litter habits still need patience, maybe because she is territory marking due to living alongside other rabbits, we just don’t know, but we need to flag this up to any potential adopter.


Frangelica loves a head rub. She can sit there forever being stroked, she may take a while to get to know you but it is well worth the effort because she is such a little sweetheart. She needs a home where she can flourish and become the Dutch bunny she should really be. It would be great for her to find a neutered male companion to enjoy life with. She would like a home with plenty of space, so if you are looking to house her outdoors a converted shed/garage would be ideal and playtime in the garden is a must! Frangelica was neutered on 29th January, also microchipped and has received the triple vaccination. Frangelica is ready for adoption, if you can offer a home please send a completed application form to 

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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