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About Gerard

Breed: X Age: 12 weeks approx) Sex: Male

Gerard has been named after the French actor Monsieur Depardieu because he has received bite injuries to his nose after being housed for too long with his siblings in cramped conditions. Despite his injury it is healing well and is not going to cause him any bother. Gerard is a remarkable young bunny who is so happy and bouncy and does the best binkying. He seems almost fearless and loves going off exploring, and on a recent vet trip he was so chilled out travelling his foster carer couldn’t believe their eyes! This little boy is very special with his super sweet nature and happy disposition. He is a big adventurer who loves lots of space and will be ideal as a free-range house rabbit, as he is clean and well behaved.

Gerard is approx 13 weeks old and received the triple vaccine and a health check by an exotic vet specialist. Once old enough the branch will pay up to £100 towards the cost of neutering or pay the full amount at the branch’s designated vets. Until neutered and the hormones settled down (approx 6 weeks post op) he cannot be paired with a female. Gerard is looking to be housed indoors in a space no less than 6ft by 3ft and where he can come out to play. He is suitable to live with calm children and is fine around his foster carer’s rabbit-friendly dog. If you would like to offer him a home please send a form to

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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