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About Hercules

Breed: Moggy Age: 5 years (approx) Sex: Male

Hercules came into our care after getting on the wrong side of a car. He had injuries to his face and foot which meant he had to have a wire in his jaw for six weeks and a period of time on cage rest to let his broken toes heal. He’s completely recovered now, and does not require any additional treatment or ongoing special care. However he has been left with a rather endearing, slightly wonky mouth (see picture). His foster mum describes Hercules as a ‘total snugglepuss’. He really likes to get on your knee for a cuddle and often this will end up with him fast asleep on you and him being cradled like a baby. It is probably already implied that this gentle, calm lad loves company! He also loves his grub and can be a bit of a messy eater, but we’re putting this down to his jaw injury, rather than bad etiquette. Prior to his accident he had been stray for a while and although he loves his home comforts we think he’s pretty keen to get outside again and feel the fresh air and sunshine on his fur.

If you would like to adopt Hercules then a quiet home with a lap to snuggle on is a must. The property location should be well away from busy roads, as it would seem he isn’t blessed with the greatest amount of road sense. The other thing to consider is that pet insurance is likely to exclude cover to his facial area and the leg that suffered the broken toes, so please bear this in mind before applying. If you would like this purrfect gent to share your life then please send us a completed application form to¬†

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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