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About Jacqueline

Breed: Crossbreed Age: 1 year (approx) Sex: Female

Jacqueline came into our care underweight with a litter of 5 babies in tow. Her owner had been intentionally been breeding rabbits and trying to sell them at the school gates. When  the RSPCA investigated the complaint they found the animals were being kept in poor conditions and all of them were removed. We separated Jacqueline from her babies when they were 8 weeks old and have subsequently had her neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Since being a care-free single lady she has grown in confidence and absolutely loves to play. Her favourite is digging newspaper, so we think she would really enjoy a dig box like a sandpit or soiled area. It is lovely to see this new lease of life in her and to be enjoying a rabbit-life.  These days sees her confidence in plenty of nudging behaviour and checking out what we are up to. She does appreciate a stroke from time to time and is happy to take food from your hand. We would like to see Jacqueline paired with a male, she can live indoors or out providing you can meet her needs to excavate and dig!

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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