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About Jester

Breed: Harlequin lop Age: 3 years approx) Sex: Male

Jester is a handsome chap, around 3 years old who is looking for love! Jester came into our care because his owner simply had far too many animals to cope with and as a consequence he had spent his life housed in a cage. Since arriving two months ago Jester has grown in confidence and really enjoys the large enclosure he has.

Jester has a persistent weepy eye. An xray has revealed there are no dental issues causing the problem, instead he has a compromised tear duct so the tears do not drain through. He has had the tear duct flushed but this made no difference because it is a historical defect. So Jester, on vet advice, needs a girlfriend who will groom his face and keep him nice and clean. In the meantime we are bathing his eye daily, but we are no substitute for a bunwife!

Jester is a friendly boy but can be quite shy. He was nervous when he first arrived but gradually came our of his shell and now enjoys company and will happily settle down next to you for head rubs, and treats! Jester’s favourite activity is digging his hay out of his litter tray, so we suspect he would really enjoy a dig box/sandpit/ or  garden to dig in. He has also proven to be an inquisitive lad and makes the most of his leaping ledges and vantage points. When the mood takes him he will rest his head on your lap for plenty of strokes!

Jester is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. If you have a ladybun looking for a husbun then please send a completed application form to

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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