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About Kimmy

Breed: X Age: 1-2 years (approx) Sex: Female

Kimmy is a pretty crossbreed bunny, with a bit of Netherland Dwarf in her.  Whilst we have not been told her age, we estimate her to be around 1 to 2 years old. The day after she arrived in our care she tragically gave birth to stillborn babies. We don’t think this was her first litter and we believe her to be the mum to some other bunnies we have taken in from the same home. She was rather podgy and so she has been on bunny bootcamp and managed to lose 440gs in weight, but is still a little chunky! 

Kimmy has clearly had a difficult life and not been given many reasons to trust people. Initially she can be a bit wary of approach when you go in with her, but once she realises it’s just another human she will come and interact. She would benefit from being in a home with an experienced rabbit owner who really understands a bunny’s needs and behaviour. Someone who has an  appreciation of rescue bunnies and the time and patience it can take for some to settle in and build trust in you.

We feel Kimmy would be best suited to live outdoors where she can choose how and when she interacts with you. To live outdoors she needs a neutered male companion, but we think it will take her a while to grow her trust in another rabbit given that she appears to have been bred from multiple times, so a set up where they can live side by side for as long as needed is essential, so you can take your time making introductions. If you would like give Kimmy a life worth living then please send a form to

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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