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Theo & Thaya

About Theo and Thaya

Breed: Moggy Age: 14 weeks (approx) Sex: Male and female pair

Theo (tabby and white) and Thaya (black) are brother and sister approx 14 weeks old. The kittens were being sold on a free listings website, despite being too young to leave their mum. They were also suffering with flu and the owner wouldn’t seek veterinary care. Consequently they were taken into our care. After 8 weeks in our care they are finally ready for adoption. Thye have dutifully cared for by their foster who tells us all about them here:

“Theo and Thaya have just gone from strength to strength since they’ve arrived! From tiny little bundles to absolute joyous cats who love to play.  heo: small and slender yet full of life: he absolutely loves a cuddle! His favourite spot seems to be on your chest purring away. He loves head boops, head scratches and kisses on his head. He also lovessss to play, he will chase anything! Throw a toy and he’s off. Theo is an adventurer, so any small spaces, boxes, doors open, he is off to have a look, so watch out if you have your wardrobe door open, he’ll go nestle in your clothes! He is also vocal, so if you give him a good head scratch, he’ll give you a loud meow before his pur engine starts. 

Thaya: fluffy and patient. She is the calm to Theo’s craziness. She loves a fuss, but will keep her distance. It’s not personal, she’s just that sassy independent cat. Her favourite toy is the wiggle worm on a stick; she is a stealthy hunter.  She also enjoys watching TV…not just nature shows, but anything! She is also her brother’s protector. She’s not as vocal, almost like silent meows, but if Theo meows, she runs over to him straight away to check if he’s okay. These two belong together: hey fight like siblings but also love like siblings. Every now and then you do have give them an “Oi!” to stop them fighting but they love each other other so much too. When Thaya had to go to the vets, Theo sulked all day, meowing around the flat to see where she was. Once,  by accident, we had locked Theo in the hallway and Thaya was in the room, both of them scratched at the door meowing away until they were reunited and it was kitty kisses galore. These kittens deserve so much love, fusses and play.”

Both kittens are neutered and microchipped, they will need to return around 3rd August to complete their primary course of vaccines, so we are looking for a home that is within 30mins of M5 5NN. If you would like to adopt them please email

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