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About Lottie

Breed: Moggy Age: 2 years (approx) Sex: Female

Lottie is a very special cat who has provided a huge amount of joy, love and learning during the time she has been in our care. We are truly blessed to have had Lottie in our lives and now hope we can complete her stay with us by finding her a very special forever home.


Lottie came into our care with a litter of kittens in September 2019. We noticed the odd occasion of fur pulling and assumed it was either stress or hormonal related, so once she was finished with her nursing duties we placed her into a stable, adult only home and embarked on a journey none of us could ever have foreseen. It culminated in the diagnosis, and subsequent trial and error, of managing a rare condition known as feline hyperaesthesia syndrome. We have had Lottie stable on a combination of medications from some months now and we all agree it is time to find her a home for life. This is what her foster carers have to say about her:


“Lottie has been staying with us for a year and a half now, and I’m pleased to say she has come a long way from the skinny little scared cat who arrived at our door after struggling to settle at the cattery following separation from her kittens. She had developed a bad habit of overgrooming and had worn her fur down to the skin on several parts of her body. She took a little while to adapt to life with us in our house but after a few weeks of hiding she came out and joined us, and she hasn’t left our side since then. 


Once she has had some time to give you a sniff and a look over, Lottie is a very affectionate cat. She is very happy in human company and will eventually graduate to a fully fledged lap cat after a little time with you. She loves to be fussed on and has been a regular fixture on my desk as I’ve been working from home, leaning in for friendly headbutts and chin scratches whenever possible. She likes to follow us from room to room, settling down when we do, and always happy for some attention. 


Lottie enjoys playing with her toys and chasing them around the room. Although she sometimes likes to jump up at dangled toys, she mainly prefers rolling about on the floor with the various pretend mice and critters she has at her disposal.


We have taken Lottie out to our back yard on occasion (under supervision!) to see how she fares outside and she does seem to enjoy it, so letting her out certainly seems to be an option. Unfortunately Lottie still tends to over-groom, mainly when she is anxious, she is still a bit of a nervous cat in general and seems to much prefer a quiet house, so a home without children or other pets will be best for Lottie.


She is a really amazing cat who has been with us throughout a very strange year and we’re pretty sure she has saved our sanity at several points of it! As much as we will miss her dearly, we just want her to find a peaceful forever home to be happy in.”


Lottie’s is neutered, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worming treatment. Her diet is straightforward (diet trials were done, but to avail) and she takes her medication easily, hidden in food. The monthly cost of her medication is approx £40 per month. She needs a home that is quiet, no more than two adults, which is stable e.g. consistent with when you are around (e.g. retired/always working from home/go out to work routinely) because we have found Lottie is anxious when significant changes occur such someone on furlough then going back to work after a prolonged period. We know this is a tall order, but Lottie is amazing and more than makes up for her troubles with her smashing personality. If you would like to consider adoption Lottie please submit a completed application form to


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