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About Mickey

Breed: Mouse Age: Unknown Sex: Male

Mickey is a mouse with chocolate point like markings. He was removed from a pet shop that Trading Standards were unable to renew the pet trading license on. We took in a number of small furries from the shop, many of whom were quite stressed and housed in tiny cages. This little chap was missing half his tail but it appears to be an old injury and does cause any problems with his balance.

Mickey is a happy little chap and knows exactly when it is tea time and hangs off his bars waiting for his fresh fruit and veg. Whilst  it is best practice for mice to live with other mice, he does seem content in his large cage with plenty to do. However, we will contribute 50% towards the cost of neutering and waive the adoption fee if an adopter did want to get him castrated and introduced to friends. To adopt please make sure you have a good sized cage like a Savic.

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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