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About Mopsy

Breed: Dutch Age: 3 months (approx) Sex: Male

This handsome chap is Mopsy. He was born in our care just days after her mum arrived having been rescued from distressing conditions where she had been housed in a 2ft long hutch along with an netrie male. Mum was malnourished to start with and raising 5 kits really took it of her. We separated them kits from early and spent time building them to the thriving babies they are today. (This was all done under veterinary supervision). Their mum has since flourished and been adopted and now it is her babies turn to find forever homes.

Apart from them all looking so alike they are all the same amazingly friendly, confident Dutch buns. Their mum is equally affectionate and people-orientated and you can see they have inherited her genetics. One staff member comments:

“Goodness me, these guys ooze confidence from every paw! They are amazing youngsters. You can tell they have been socialised well from day one after being born in our care. They are extremely confident, binkying all over the place and constantly checking in with you for food and strokes. So, so friendly and truly wonderful bunnies.”

Mopsy is ready for adoption now and has been vaccinated. He will be ready for castration in a few weeks time. The branch will contribute up to £100 towards the op, or cover the full cost if it is done at the branch’s designated vet. If you are looking to get him a companion in the future he will need to be 2 months post op before making introductions.   


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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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