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About Nuala

Breed: Moggy Age: 1-2 years (approx) Sex: Female

Nuala  (pronounced New-la) came into our care in April when she was signed over with three of her kittens. Nuala was recently adopted, but sadly her owner was unable to care for her and returned her to us to find her a new home. Nuala is what we call a ‘proper cat’. She loves her grub, to spend time sunbathing and  chasing birds outside and cuddling up to humans when it’s time for a rest. She would be the perfect cat for someone looking for an independent soul to greet them when they returned from work. Nuala is a friendly, approachable girl and enjoys having her daily strokes and cuddles from our cat socialisers. Her return to the cattery has unsettled her a little but we are starting to see the return of the loving and affectionate girl we know so well.

Nuala has her favourite activity to do in her pen and this consists of her scratching post ,which she absolutely adores, and has seen better days due to the amount that she uses it, so a plentiful supply of cardboard scratchers or a nice big multi activity centre will keep her happy in her new home for sure.  Nuala is quite a playful girl as well, she especially loves it when you throw her toy balls or mouse and she will go running for them, and knock them around. Nuala is a very clean girl, has good use of a cat flap and is a great eater. The adopter let us know she was alively and enjoyed going out to play, and share ‘presents’ so she really is a prioper little hunter.

Nuala is looking for a home that is chilled out, so two or three people maximum (teenagers fine). She needs access to the outdoors, so she can explore and come and go as she pleases (so away from busy roads). Nuala is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and if you would like to offer her a home please send a completed form to


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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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