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About Nutkin

Breed: Dutch Age: 4-5 months (approx) Sex: Male

This gorgeous Dutch baby boy is Nutkin. He was born in our care to the best Dutch bunny mum you could ever wish to meet. He has the same beautiful nature as his mum and her confident, friendly disposition. He was one of a litter of five to join the world on 8th June 2021. His parents were found housed together in a two foot hutch, neither neutered (obvs!) so it was no surprise when the litter arrived 5 days after admission. What was a surprise (as they grew older) was that all 5 babies were identical, having taken their mother’s genes over their father who was a dark brown crossbreed. We have had the utmost pleasure of looking after the family, mum has now found a home so it is the babies turn now. Little Nutkin

Nutkin is looking to be a house rabbit, because he is too young to be paired with a neutered female, and so living in the heart of your home is the best way to give him the companionship he needs. He is a super confident, loving character who will make a great addition to any home. He is ready for adoption now and has been vaccinated. He will be ready for castration in 2 to 4 weeks time. The branch will contribute up to £100 towards the op, or cover the full cost if it is done at the branch’s designated vet. He must be 2 6 weeks post op before introductions can begin with a neutered female bunny pal. We offer full support and a step by step bonding guide. Email us at:

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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