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Rod, Jane and Freddie

About Rod, Jane and Freddie

Breed: Crossbreeds Age: 2/3 years (approx) Sex: Male x 2 females

Rod (male, agouti lop), Jane (female, grey) and Freddie (female, white & grey) they came into ur after being found in a filthy two tier hutch with no food, water or substrate. They appeared to be abandoned so an investigation was launched but sadly the owner could not be traced. After 8 weeks in our care they are finally ready for rehoming. They are each neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and are genuinely bonded triio. We suspect they are siblings around 2 years old.


From the day they arrived our Rainbow family (a reference for the over 40s there!) have proven to be really good natured, friendly rabbits with us and each other. They often snuggle up together, or in pairs or hang out on their own. They absolutely love trashing newspaper and rearranging their pen furniture so an outdoor set up with plenty of space to potter around would be ideal for them. They will probably appreciate the opportunity to dig, so something like a sand pit with play sand or a tray with soil in –  if you don’t want your borders turning over! They will make a great addition to any family and soon share with you their different but delightful personalities. They will need really good sized accommodation (we can advise on size and type) and plenty of run around space to give them the best life they could wish for. If you would like to offer them a home then please email an application to

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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