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Daisy, Yasmin and Sparkle

About Daisy, Sparkle and Yasmin

Breed: Domestic Age: 10 months (approx) Sex: Female

Daisy (smallest, b&w), Yasmin (all grey) and Sparkle (larger, b&w) are 10 month old ratty girls who have come into our care because they were unwanted children’s pets. We don’t know if they are necessarily litter mates but they do get on really well. A few days after admission a mammary tumor appeared on Daisy, this has since been removed and was benign. Daisy is all healed now, and it is like nothing ever happened.


The girls are super sociable ratties who enjoy coming out for a run around each day. They would benefit from a big cage like a Royal Savic so they can play, climb and explore. They are active ladies and romp about when playing with such great excitement. They could join another mischief or be housed as they are, but you must be able to give them the attention and space they desire. They are clean girls, use their litter trays and hoover up fresh veg and fruit. They are fabulous!

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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