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Romulus and Remus

About Romulus and Remus

Breed: Crossbreeds Age: 2/3 years (approx) Sex: Males

Romulus (black Netherland cross) and Remus are an inseparable duo who have come into our care after the new dog in the home started chasing the house rabbits. The owner was worried they may get harmed so they were relinquished to our care. The boys have come on in bounds with their confidence since their arrival in June. We started them off in a quiet area away from other rabbits to make sure they had a solid bond and could settle in at their own pace. A recent move to the ‘main block’ has seen them blossom even further and there are absolutely no signs of disharmony.


Romulus and Remus truly have an amazing bond, so much so that they do not leave each other’s side during the day and love to do everything together, whether that’s eating, exploring or grooming. Romulus is the more confident of the two and will encourage Remus to come out and play. They enjoying grooming each other and snuggle in their hay trays, with or without each other.They are both really clean boys and great at using their litter trays. They get excited with the daily fresh hay, especially Timothy hay are good greens eaters, enjoying Cavalo Nero kale the most! The boys have a variety of enrichment in their pen which they can chew, jump and climb through and this consists of cardboard boxes, tunnels, willow sticks, castles and plenty more! They will be happy to live indoors or out and will make a lovely addition to a home with older children. If you would like to adopt them then please get in touch by emailing

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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