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About Rosie

Breed: Lionhead Age: 8 years (approx) Sex: Female

Rosie is 8 years old, yes 8 years old! The next of kin recalled her being neutered some years ago after an accidental litter. The other rabbit she was with was a neutered male and sadly had dreadful dental disease and was suffering so much that we had to let him go. We’ve had Rosie in our care for 6 weeks. She was initially placed in a foster home for assessment. We learnt that she was not litter trained (later confirmed by the next of kin) and that she required re-educating with her dietary habits. She spent  a month adjusting to a natural diet of hay and greens and after two vet checks she now has the all clear for rehoming (her teeth are fine). 

Rosie is a bit of an odd bod but has certainly come to life now she is in our centre and living alongside other rabbits. We use puppy pads for where she chooses to wee and this is largely keeping her clean and dry. She seems to be happier around other rabbits and so we would like her to be housed at least alongside neutered, friendly buns or bonded with one.   Rosie (and the other rabbit) were living in the home of a hoarder who passed away. We were informed by the next of kin that the rabbits had lived in an upstairs room that was so cluttered they didn’t feel able to let us in the property, such was their embarrassment. Rosie has seemingly lived a sheltered life and is not overly confident, but getting to grips with a ‘normal’ rabbit life quite quickly. She is a sturdy rabbit, in good health and we could well imagine her living for quite some years yet. We are hoping someone will see her appeal for a home and open their hearts to her. She can live outdoors, but it must be, at the very least, alongside other rabbit(s). If you can offer this special lady a home please send a completed application form to 

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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