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About Tiramisu

Breed: Moggy Age: 9 years (approx) Sex: Female

Tiramisu’s owner failed to seek veterinary attention for her and left her suffering with a grapefruit sized open, oozing wound to her neck for many weeks. She was also covered in lumps and bumps all over her body, we believe from flea infestation triggering a flea allergy. Today, after 13 weeks of being in our care, Tiramisu is unrecognisable and we are delighted our 9 year old beauty is ready for rehoming. Her foster carers tell us about her”


“Tiramisu is a lovely, sweet girl with a lot of personality. She has two signature moves: sticking her tongue out, and walking up to you and rolling onto her back; she adores having her cheeks and head scratched. While she’s not a lap cat, she will stay close by throughout the day to keep an eye on things, and be close to you. She has made a habit of napping on the desk next to my computer as I work from home, and is also known to Zoom-bomb my work meetings with a sniffing nose or her fluffy tail.


Tiramisu is a lot of fun to have around and often makes me chuckle with her cuteness and playfulness. She’s very vocal and will let you know when she needs more attention. Despite her age she absolutely loves to play, especially with her fishing rod toy, which she never tires of. She also tends to have her zoomies in the evening before bedtime where she likes to show off the full range of her agility. 


Tiramisu is very easy-going and straightforward to care for, and she is extremely neat and tidy both with her food bowls and with the litter tray. She has a decent appetite, and while she may give some polite meows when it’s meal time, she’s never pushy. It is clear that she adores her humans and she will make a wonderful and loyal companion to her future adopter.”


Make no bones, Tiramisu is a lively, active cat that will need access to play outside. She will be best suited to a home with one or two adults who will dedicate the time to her to keeping her entertained. Going forward Tiramisu will require monthly treatment for fleas with a product from the vets, as opposed to over the counter. 

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