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About Tucker

Breed: Crossbreed Age: 5 yrs (approx) Sex: Male


Tucker is a 5 year old black and white charmer looking for a new home to call his own after a few years living stray. Tucker came into RSPCA care after being found with an injured foot which has since healed (xrays show no problems). He wasn’t chipped and his owner couldn’t be located. Unfortunately his time as an unneutered street cat has left him FIV positive so he must be homed as a house cat to avoid passing on the virus to other cats. You can read more about FIV here:

Tucker is currently living in foster care and didn’t take long to win over his foster mum. She describes him as the perfect cat with the right balance of independence and cuddliness. He greets her at the door when she returns from work and is there curled up on the bed every morning. He has impeccable litter tray and personal grooming habits. Within 20 minutes of moving in he was rolling around in front of a mirror checking himself out! He is also a great host, happy to mingle with guests and accept head rubs. Tucker’s foster mum admits she is surprised at how he managed to steal her heart as she has known a lot of cats over the years and thought she was more hardened to their charms!

Tucker likes company but equally is happy to curl up on his own. He loves his grub and has a mad half hour each evening where he chases around and plays. We think that he would be able to live in a family where any children are used to cats and are of secondary age. His new home must be spacious and on several levels to keep him fit and prevent him getting bored.  More information on meeting the needs of indoor cats can be provided.

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