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About Vegas

Breed: Moggy Age: 2/3 years (approx) Sex: Male

Vegas came into RSPCA care after a kind member of the public alerted the National RSPCA helpline that he was limping and had a wound on his head. We aren’t sure whether Vegas had had a fight with another cat or with a car but after a couple of months of care he is now fit to move to his forever home. Vegas spent some time in our animal centre but he found the relatively small space and proximity to other cats difficult to cope with and so we moved him to foster care so we could get a better idea of his character. 

Vegas is a handsome boy who’s full of energy. He needs a home where he can go out to play safely, ideally that backs on to gardens, park, fields etc so he can burn off his excess energy. 

He is very clean and tidy and has never had an accident with his litter tray. He prefers a head pat/bump to a stroke and can get overwhelmed if you pet him too much. Sometimes he will sleep on you in the day but otherwise he likes to sleep on a nice patch of floor. Vegas loves to peer out the window so a nice window seat would be lovely for days when he’s inside. He also loves to sunbathe by the window and patio door.

Vegas enjoys lots of toys for enrichment whilst he is waiting for his forever home, but he is truly fed up of being inside. We do our best to keep him entertained and he especially loves chasing balls around the house and kicking his dangly mouse toy. It’s worth noting that Vegas was very snuggly when he arrived, giving us kisses, laying on us in bed but the longer he has been kept inside he has become increasingly frustrated and what was once play nips, have, more recently, grown to chomps if you aren’t careful. He is usually the most bored and in the mornings, which makes sense because dusk and dawn and overnight is when cats are most active, and it is quite normal for cats to try to wake you up for breakfast! It is best to not allow him access to your bedroom from the beginning to try and curb this behaviour from the start. He will scratch at the door so it’s best to have no carpet around the door or to lay something down. We anticipate that this behaviour will disappear once he has settled and can go out to play.  Vegas is very good at using his scratching posts  but has occasionally clawed furniture on after a stretch, so we’d recommend not letting him have unsupervised access to soft furnishings if you want to keep the sofa nice.  

Vegas needs a home with experienced adopters who have the time to provide lots of interaction through play, especially during the 3 weeks he will need to be kept inside before he can go outdoors. As his foster carer says he can be a very affectionate boy (we have seen his soppy teddy bear impression on a few occasions!) but his new family need to let him show this on his own terms and in his own time. He will need access to a safe outdoor space to play and be the only cat in the home, which should be an adult only home. He would be fine in a home where his adopters are out at work all day as long as he can come and go as he pleases. Vegas is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. If you are in need of a mini panther to liven up your life then please complete an application form and return it to

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