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About Veronica

Breed: X Age: 1-2 years (approx) Sex: Female

Veronica was one of two rabbits abandoned in a back garden. They were housed in two small, filthy hutches without any food, bedding water. Sadly the other bunny did not survive the horrible neglect, despite our best efforts to save her. That was six weeks ago and Veronica is in full health and has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and is ready for rehoming.

Staff and volunteers have different experiences with her according to the purpose of their interaction with her (e.g. cleaning out or socialising). We don’t think Veronica had ever been out of the hutch she was housed in and that she may have hutched guarded as a consequence. Once she realises you’re not a threat (not going to pick her up or start cleaning around her) she is incredibly inquisitive; puts her paws on you, headbutts your leg etc!  When she feels comfy she will settle down in one of her hay baskets and with a gentle presence will enjoy head strokes galore  and she’ll close her eyes too! On other occasions, when she feels threatened she will grunt and lunge at a brush, so she definitely needs a more experienced bunny owner, someone who is going to be patient and will let her do things in her own time without getting in her face.

Veronica could be housed outdoors with a neutered male rabbit in a set up like a shed and run, but could live indoors in a quiet adult only home too. If you are looking to pair her with a husbun a slow approach will be essential. If you can make her life the happiest it can be then please send a form to 

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Registered Charity Number: 232255

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