Zebedee the cat

Entered our care: 19th September 2019

Left us for new home: 2nd November 2019

Time with us: 6 weeks (44 days)

Entry reason:

Case. Dog found chained at top of stairs with tight chain lead, collar embedded in neck. 5 x cats emaciated. Fleas +++. Owner moved out of property and infrequently returned to see to the animals.

Initial entry health check:

29/8/2019 weight at vets 2.28kgs.

19/09/2019 weight 3.9kgs. Body condition much improved.

Zebedee’s story

Can you imagine tethering your dog to a radiator at the top of the stairs to stop them chasing the 5 cats you have and then walking out the house, leaving no provisions for any of them and having no intention of returning to care for them any time soon? Of course you can’t, but this is what happened to Zebedee and his housemates.

When the 5 cats arrived they were still underweight. They had been held in a private boarding facility for a while until the owner had agreed to relinquish their ‘ownership’ to the RSPCA. I remember the day they came over to us from another part of the North region. We were struck by how loving and friendly they all were but their body condition was still poor, some worse than others. It took a few weeks to bring Zebedee back to full health but by mid October he was more than doubled his weight from when he was rescued at the end of August 2019.

Zebedee whilst in our care

Zebedee’s website profile

Zebedee is a solid character who is confident, calm and loving. He is quite a paternal character, we think he may be the father to the other 4 cats. He is an ideal cat for a family and will take everything in his stride. He is a loving and affectionate boy but isn’t overly demanding. He sits and chills and waits patiently to receive an audience. Zebedee is a calming influence on us all, he will make a great sofa companion and help you relax after a stressful day. He is a wonderful cat and needs to find a forever home where he can go outside if he chooses, have people to love him and enjoy home comforts.

Sadly Zebedee was not snapped up quickly. The old adage of black cats taking 3 times as long to find a home than any other colour of cat rang absolutely true in his case, and he waited over 3 weeks to find a home.

Our volunteers remember Zebedee fondly

Zebadee was one of my favourites. So handsome, an absolute hunk and adored lots of fuss. He came in with Dylan (escape artist!!!) and Dougal who was also ace and would meow and meow for attention. I adored this bunch! Ellie

They were an incredible bunch with huge resilience! It amazed me how much affection for humans they had considering what they’d been through but they were gorgeous, cheeky and super company. Rachel

I loved Zebedee! He was such a star! Cool dude, handsome. Half cat, half coiled spring! He loved to play but was so affectionate too, Linda

Getting cuddles in the cattery

Where are they now?

We got in touch with Zebedee’s adopter to see how he was doing all these months later, and their reply brought a tear to our eyes:

‘Zebadee is absolutely loving life! We kept his name as my son loved it and it’s unique! Zebadee is very chilled and loves to follow me around constantly! He also loves to cuddle up in bed with either me or my son.He is now totally used to going outdoors however he doesn’t go far, he just likes to sit and watch the world go by. I’m so happy that we chose to adopt him as me and my 5 year old now couldn’t imagine life without him. My son can be a bit boisterous at times, however Zebadee takes it all in his stride and even let’s Jack pick him up! He is always purring and giving us headbuts, I take this as his way of saying he loves us too!

Thanks for contacting me and I hope you continue doing the great work you are.’

In his forever home

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