Wobbly Bobbly

Entered our care: 8th June 2020

Left for new homes: 4th July 2020

Time on in our care: 3 weeks (26 days)

Entry reason:

Stray cat found struggling to weight bear.

Wobbly Bobbly’s story

Wobbly Bobbly was found by a member of the public walking oddly on the street. He was taken to the RSPCA vets where X rays and tests found nothing broken and no injuries. When we were asked to take him in we didn’t know anything about his mobility issues, but we quickly found he couldn’t manage living in the cattery pen so he moved into the office because we had run out of foster homes. We got to know him and his quirks really well, including how much of a greedy boy he was, probably as a result of being a stray. He was adept at cosying up to people he thought might feed him!

WB’s walking did not improve so the vets concluded that his wobbliness was as a result of a neurological deficit that was probably sustained at birth. How on earth he coped on the streets as a stray, finding food for himself, we will never know.

The RSPCA press office put out an appeal to help us find him a forever home:

Wobbly Bobbly’s website profile

One year old Wobbly Bobbly can best be described as an absolute character who won’t fail to liven up his adopter’s home. Despite his unsteady back legs (see video) Wobbly Bobbly manages to get around rather well. His wobbliness seems worse when he has been still for some time and he can often fall right over when getting up from a nap. On veterinary advice we are rehoming him as a single house cat, as it will be a struggle for him to stay safe outdoors and he won’t be able to move away from another cat sharpish if he wanted to.

We are looking for an experienced cat owner with a large home on at least 2 levels to take on Wobbly Bobbly. Although we are rehoming him as a house cat we think that due to him previously being a long term stray he needs the variety and space that a large home with stairs would provide. Ideally he would also have access to a catio or high walled garden that he cannot scale. His adopter needs to consider how to prevent Wobbly Bobbly from getting bored and challenging him to move and play so his muscles stay strong. He needs an adopter who can devote time each day to structured play without over stimulating him (if he gets too excited or bored he can bite/ scratch). He loves to look out of a window and take advantage of strokes and cuddles on offer. He’s certainly not short on personality and he has certainly tried hard to make sure none of us are bored at work.

WB in the office

Updates from his forever home

Thanks for giving me the time to ask loads of questions and the opportunity to back out of it if I wasn’t sure. It’s really great to see how the RSPCA carefully create a good match, both for humans and the animal.

I’ve never been handed a cat before in a car park! [COVID-19 restrictions did not permit us to have visitors on site]. Felt a bit dodgy even though I know you are reputable! But it’s going really well… can’t believe it’s been less than a week that he’s been with us, he’s part of the family now.


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Wobbly Bobbly is! Well, he’s awesome!! He is known to us now as Kuro, which is Japanese for ‘black’. My boys adore him. He plays a lot with them and loves carrying around a little pink pom pom as if it is a kitten, but then he pounces on it a lot and kicks it around the room! And you were right… he loves the Kickaroo that you recommended.

He’s got the run of the house and his wobbly back legs don’t bother him too much. He was on the sofa in the first 10 minutes! And he is happy sitting on my lap of an evening. Next week, when the weather is fine we will introduce him to the garden. He likes looking out of the window, so I am sure he will be happy to explore outside.

I would encourage everyone to consider adopting an animal with “special needs”. You need to lay aside emotions and check that the animal fits your life and that you can meet their needs. Then just dive in and love them to bits!

Thank you so much for taking him into your care – I am so pleased he was well looked after before coming to live with us. He is an absolute delight.

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