Entered our care: 22nd August 2019

Left for new home: 12th November 2019

Time in our care: 11 weeks (82 days)

Entry reason:

Case rabbit. Owner mutilated rabbit’s ears. Signed over 30th August 2019.

Initial entry health check:

Treated by case vet. Ears healing well. Bunny is bright and alert and playful.

Jasper’s story

Jasper was seized from his owners for mutilating his ears. Earlier that day they presented at a vets with him because he was evidently unwell (likely suffering from gut stasis). They were advised Jasper required urgent veterinary intervention but instead of leaving him in for treatment they took him home. The veterinary practice was so concerned for Jasper’s welfare that they immediately contacted the National RSPCA cruelty line. An officer was dispatched to the home and Jasper was found in a state of collapse with the end of his ears having been cut off.

Whilst being interviewed by the Inspector on 30th August 2019 the owners said a friend had advised them to cut the ears to ‘let blood’ in order to revive the animal. Jasper was signed over to RSPCA care that day, which meant we could set about getting him ready for adoption.

Jasper in recovery, you can see the damage to his right ear in this picture

The hurdle we had to overcome was how to find him a home without going public, so as to avoid jeopardising the case against the owners. One day an email came in from an experienced rescue rabbit adopter looking for a male companion for her bereaved bunny girl. We told her all about Jasper and she came along to meet him. As it was for the rest of us, it was love at first sight! The bonding sadly didn’t work out, her bunny girl wasn’t having any of it, but Jasper was adopted nonetheless.

We asked Jasper’s adopter how he is doing 11 months after being brought back from the brink of death.

What can I say about Jasper? Jasper is the nicest bunny I have ever come across, he is so gentle and loving, which surprised us immensely considering what some horrible humans did to him. He has very simple tastes, loves his veg and eats hay like it’s a gourmet dinner.  Jasper is happiest when he jumps into his spot on the couch and snuggles in next to you waiting for nose rubs. Anyone who meets Jasper falls in love with him instantly, he is very entertaining to watch as he is incredibly clumsy and doesn’t look before he hops which usually ends in him headbutting ankles or misjudging the jump onto a box and scrambling to get himself up. He does all of this with the cutest of faces he truly is the best bunny. Thank you for bringing Jasper into our lives.

Relaxing at home

7 months after leaving our care Jasper is being bonded with another former resident Pamela, now affectionately known as Pancake. His adopter says:

“The bonding is slow going at the moment but they are a very good match and Pancake is smitten with him. Their confidence together is growing daily but Jasper is still a bit wary of her sometimes. This might be because she has a habit of binkying and landing on him or nipping him when she can’t reach the tasty bit of hay that is just behind him. Despite this it is very positive, they eat together, groom next to each other and Pancake will offer kisses, although not reciprocated by Jasper just yet. We will continue to keep you updated about his bond with Pancake (Pamela) who is the bestest bunny too.”

Pamela came from truly horrible conditions where 3 rabbits, each living separately in hutches, with no food, water or bedding had been abandoned. When officers attended the property they found one bunny had died of starvation. Pamela and the other bunny were underweight but quickly settled into our care.

Please keep everything crossed for a happy ever after for Jasper and Pancake!

Pamela now Pancake
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